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Editorial: Khalilzad’s peace mission

US Special envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad in connection with his assignments of brokering peace and reconciliation agreement in Afghanistan has concluded his three days trip to Pakistan, arrived Afghanistan, and departs to Russia to peace quest. Soon after his departure from Islamabad, government officials through a statement informed that Khalilzad during his three days stay in Islamabad has held detail meetings with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and his Managers for External Affairs and Chief of Army Staff (COAS) as well. Though there is nothing mentioned about modus of talks with the high ranking Pakistani authorities but mentioned that it was focused on ways and means pertained to return of peace and tranquility in Afghanistan. And Zalmay Khalilzad in clear words made it clear that return of peace and tranquility is in interests of Pakistan. The Pakistani official statement endorses such words of Khalilzad. Khalilzad is in hurry as he wants to ensure induction of Taliban in main stream of Afghan politics before of Presidential elections scheduled to be held in coming April. No one can neglect the fact that Pakistan plays key role in bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan as its supporting and sheltering militant outfits. Since a long time we want Pakistan to sincerely stand with Afghan government in the fight against terrorism and reconciliation process. But the case of Pakistan is different. Despite absolute majority who are supporting efforts for return of peace and ending of terror in neighbouring Afghanistan, certain limited elements from a particular mindset are thinking the other ways. They believe that Afghanistan is a landlocked country, mostly depending in transit trade via Karachi Pakistan. Similarly during recent years, Afghanistan and India coming close towards each others, which made annoy Islamabad. On such grounds, this limited but powerful group of particular mindset are in favour of fueling of tension and hostilities across the crossing points in Afghanistan. These thinking’s are considered inherited by ex-military dictator who was master mind of Pakistan’s infamous “strategic depth” policies. That policy was not only for Afghanistan but also for other regional and neighbouring countries. But the collapse of former USSR and 9/11 tragedy has made gross level changes in global politico-economic strategies. Now the world countries are going towards implementation of ideas pertained to joining of global village. And it is the time for Pakistan to re-visit their bilateral relations, which helped no other than militants and criminals to flourish in the region. Ongoing trends of terrorism and extremism is harmful to interests of both the countries, therefore, it is the time for people from particular mindset to change their own thinking’s in the wake of latest global developments.

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