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Editorial: Know how to lift our country up

It is great feeling when we see Afghan masses from every corner of the country have upped their sleeves to catch up developed nations through hardworking and dedication with sole aim to become heavier on all sorts of problem. The best weapon we adopted in reaching peace and stability is unity. Leaders of the National Unity Government and other government and none-government officials holding unity in their every act, this will eventually lead us toward durable peace, and could be a great slap in the face of our sworn enemies. For instance, when there is attack take place in Kandahar province, other far-flunk provinces, like Nangarhar, Herat, Badakhshan, Panjsher, and other provinces shows solidarity, and immediately take steps to help the victims. This is reverse scenario if any heart-wrenching incident takes place in other provinces. All tribes across the country without giving importance to ethnic selection stand with harmony with the victim families and do everything to help them. Numerous attempts made by the enemies of Afghan masses to reduce unity to several pieces and turn different ethnic tribes as foe against each other. Targeting particular tribe, carrying suicide attacks against worshipers in mosques, and so many other scrupulous targets, was the core efforts of the enemies to fuel war between different tribes. Fortunately, since we know how to lift our motherland up, these evil efforts never inject such thinking to accuse each other. Rather it further strengthened our unity, leading to recognize our enemies more closely. Let’s congratulate the Afghan masses for outstanding unity in all time—even in the toughest era. We understand that nothing will derail vision faster than disunity in the ranks. Many times we have seen in the moves that a less talented but united and determined team pulled together and toppled the more talented, better financed, more popular, but disunity team. We, the Afghan people, deeply realized that united we stand, divided we fall. We don’t have inner problem. We are one nation with different tribes, and proud of them all. At the same time, we are making indefatigable efforts to get Afghanistan out of current problems. There is no tension between us, and we collectively ask our neighbors to renounce supporting and harboring militants, and let’s resolve our problems through dialogue and show respect for one another. Then we would have a great region without insurgent outfits, and full of development. Through peace dialogue—sincere one—our problems and misfortunes will leave our country and our children will be able to sit at school desk, and be educated for the good of the country.

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