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Editorial: Kunduz fatality

Deaths and injuries from suicide bombings and complex attacks by militants has reached new peak. But such reciprocate from Afghan and foreign forces is absolutely unacceptable. The objective of terrorism is to spread terrorism in several forms to terrorize the people. To maintain their power, even don’t deter to kill innocent Afghan masses as they doing. Taliban militants caused thousands of death and injures. Also Daesh terrorists play its part well, as they significantly intensified targeting civilians that accounts for several innocent people’s death. Record high casualty rates being inflicted on the Afghan civilian population by the warring parties. Covering the period 1 January to 30 Jane 2018, UNAMA findings include the killing of more civilians in the first six months of this year – 1,692 deaths – than at any comparable time over the last ten years since records have been kept. UNAMA attributed 52 percent of civilian casualties from suicide and complex attacks to Daesh, mainly in Kabul and Nangarhar provinces. The Taliban were responsible for 40 percent, the reminder were attributed to unidentified anti-government elements. Amazing, once Daesh was undermined, now they are behind over 50 percent fatalities. The same terrorist groups was targeted our Hindus and Sikhs community. At least 19 people were killed and 20 other received injures in a suicide attack in eastern Jalalabad targeted a gathering of Hindus and Sikhs who were in their way to meet with President Ashraf Ghani. However, the council in an open letter to Ghani has demand for an immediate probe into nature of incident. It seems there is no room to save Afghan civilians from long bearing the brunt of the war with casualties hit highest point. Recently, a bombardment by Afghan forces has killed and injured scores of civilians in rebel-held Chahardara district in Kunduz province. It has happened by Afghan forces, which should not be. Kunduz has become most dangerous province for civilians as they being targeted almost all the time – and the collapse of province into Taliban twice have turned devastation to the residents, losing all most all, including their homes. But now they are gradually recovering, but incidents of violence taking their breath. Thus, civilians are at crossfire and the best way that they can be protected is to find a peaceful settlement in the war. The target was militants, but ended up with civilians killing. Thus, its hope that parties to the conflict to increase efforts to protect civilians, and peaceful settlement is best way to do it.

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