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Editorial: Lapse after lapse

The high-ranking security officials including the acting defense and interior ministers have been repeatedly urged by the provincial authorities, troops on the ground, security affairs analysts, and common people to pay heed to the rising insecurity in volatile areas. In southern Afghanistan, Helmand and adjacent provinces had become a hotbed of militancy. In north and east, security situation is fragile and the vaccination teams in different districts of Badakhshan, Nangarhar and Kunar cannot immunize children against polio. Abduction and killing of passengers on Kabul-Kunduz Highway expose the failed security policies of the current government. In western parts of the country, situation is not different or satisfactory because Taliban have presence in Herat and Farah provinces. In the recent past, clashes between the two rival Taliban groups had left many killed and injured in Herat.

However, the top leaders had focused on issues of political nature which resulted in heavy casualties among the security forces in the past three weeks. A few days ago there were reports about policemen surrounded by the Taliban. The besieged policemen were desperately looking for reinforcements. Not learning from the past, the military strategists and officials have risked lives of hundreds of soldiers and policemen across the country. Their security failures and misunderstanding of the ground situation is costing lives of men in and women in uniform.

As of Tuesday, eleven Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers were killed in the line of duty and over 10 others were made hostages by the Taliban insurgents in Deh Rawood district of Uruzgan province. The soldiers were attacked by militants on Monday night in Sokhti area of the district. The Taliban militants have launched a coordinated attack on the ANA base in the area to capture it. The base contained heavy and light weapons and equipment which would help the insurgents in the coming battles against security forces. The mismanagement is causing human and financial losses.

No one is feeling safe in the country. Businessmen are afraid of investment because kidnapping and killing have become a booming business in the country. When corruption is so rampant, the traders cannot trust the law enforcement agencies as their achievements are overshadowed by the security lapses. Justice is very expensive constitutional service in the country. Securing key positions have always remained top priority of the elite class. Therefore, nepotism is all times high. Almost 60 percent of the state affairs are run online because most of officials prefer to use Facebook to report or monitor situation. Inattention of the government would continue to risk more lives. The security lapses will push the country to the brink of large-scale violence. Therefore, the Ghani-administration shall take serious steps to improve law and order situation in the country.

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