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Editorial: Lawmakers resume work

The 16th term of parliament’s working year was inaugurated on Monday—from today the legislators would restart work after a 45-day winter vacation. Their priority would be preserving national interests. They are the key player in driving the country toward peace and stability, and can do more things than merely criticism only. Though the parliament’s term has already been expired, with no election scheduled and no agreement on how to hold them, but still they should strive hard in rebuilding the war-hit country through educating the government in every grey area.

Since the spring offensives of the militants are at rim to kick off, the lawmakers should ask the security agencies to come up to the fore with very much dazzling war strategy. The last spring was proved bitter to the Taliban and other militant outfits, but at the same time, the security forces were also martyred and wounded. Security forces sustained casualties due to poor leadership, and the lawmakers can do a lot to mend it through pressure. Even the lawmakers are not safe as last year Taliban terrorists stormed the home of a lawmaker in the capital, killing eight people and leaving parliamentarian wounded. Like him several lawmakers were came under attack by the insurgents. Moreover, a lawmaker, Sher Wali Wardak was killed in a bomb explosion occurred in the capital. Three others were killed.

The legislators should pay huge heed toward every field, but especially in security aspect. Though we appreciate their efforts, but however, there are some lawmakers we don’t know them as they were seen rare in parliament. But when there is any summon, or voting time, all the sets were filled, with unfamiliar faces. Don’t take it out of concept; a few bad people cannot represent the whole institute or group. There are lawmakers who are active and well-known face, leaving no stone unturned to safeguard the national interest and speak the truth. They always remained vigilance in every part from politics to economy, from social to judiciaries and etc… But these efforts are washing away by those lawmakers who are not active, and have been all time zero in several fronts. The holding of parliamentary elections is crucial because the voters want to change their fate while rejecting the corrupt and selfish members of the Wolesi Jirga.  With no doubt, the government should hold the parliamentary election as its more delay would further erode public trust over democratic institutes. In the light of democracy, law should ensure the rights of the public and executive power is to enforce the law strictly. Now the on time election is the right of Afghans, otherwise, practicing of democracy will further go under question.

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