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Editorial: Let’s fight insurgents correspondingly

Terrorism is the biggest concern of the regional countries, and its fighting requires major efforts and great coordination among the region. The sub-region can do much more to combat the terrorism—an international phenomenon. For sure, India, Russia and China could play key roles in fight against terrorism and would give birth to a tangible result if coordination persists among them. The US is directly engaged to quell the insurgency, while China indirectly showed its interest to be involved in the ant-militants operations. Recently, China’s military vehicle was seen patrolling into Afghanistan soil. So far the purpose behind the patrol is seemed suspicious. While terming the Chinese military patrol in Afghanistan as falsehood, but, the Chinese official conceded that joint counter-terrorism operations with Afghan authorities are underway. There is no restriction if someone takes practical step by joining the Afghan security forces in the frontline of war on terror.

The core reason behind the presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan is to stamp out militants. But the unfortunate side is that China was also found being supportive to the Taliban insurgents—a terrorist group which has been killing innocent civilians on daily basis. The Russia and the neighbor Iran is also in the identical footstep. Such duplicity can make the matter worse. These counties will not be save once militants gain enroot, and the apparent example is Pakistan—a state that has been burning at the flame of insurgency ignited by itself. Still Pakistan is not learning from past blunders and has been supporting and harboring militants. Russia and China have helped Afghanistan in several fronts and we are truly appreciates their assistance. At the same time they should not undermine their national interests via putting weight behind militants as the objective of terrorism is terrorism.

India the time-tested friend of Afghanistan has always been remained pure—neither supports militant outlets nor played double game with Afghanistan and other regional states. We should not ignore that terrorisms have swiftly outsmarted geographical confines, and this explains the spurt in multilateral cooperation on counter-terrorism.

Though, it is complex to united fight insurgency due to tensions between India with Pakistan and Kabul with Islamabad. However, Pakistan is the mother of terrorists, where she can’t stop feeding its children. On the other hand, it is imperative for a father to make sure that his child is not a monster. Don’t’ let the love of monsters become heavy on you and eventually leads to you destruction entirely. Let’s fight these monsters correspondingly without any distinction and make militants-free regional countries.

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