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Editorial: Let’s obey people’s wish

Afghanistan is universally famous for its own traditions that are not or at least less popular in other countries. The historical Buddha statues in Bamyan, Buzkashi sport and hospitality are the elements that have made the people of Afghanistan famous in the world.

Besides, this country is known as the land of jirga (local or national assembly). The jirgas are the main factors through which people all around the country refer for solution when they feel unable to overcome the problems they face in the level of family, local and national. The jirga has so far proved to be the most useful way rather than other ones in solving the problems in which both sides are happy and satisfied.

The then king of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Baba was selected by a jirga just in a situation that the country lacked a wise ruler. This event indicated that how the jirga was useful in the national level that saved the country from uncertainty.

In the contemporary era, former president Hamid Karzai was appointed as the interim head of the country through the jirga and this assembly also approved the new constitution and paved the way for a democratic country that the administration was run by the law.

These all explain the level of the people’s interest and belief in the jirga as an element easing problems in the national level.

Now, the country is in an era that there is no horizon seen to help them get released from the surrounding problems, but the Loya Jirga. Almost everybody in 34 provinces think that the Loya Jirga should be convened because the government looks to be unable to provide them with a safe and peaceful life along with job opportunities and improve their economy.

Unfortunately, the government does not show interest in convening the Loya Jirga and is less listening to the voice of the people. The government has reportedly taken a tough position against the people’s demand, warning officials not to participate any meetings discussing the Loya Jirga call, which is against the freedom of thought and speech.

Though the reason of the government’s opposition to the Loya Jirga is not clear, but the thing that is clear is that it is getting distance from the people.

The government is requested to pay respect to the people and what they want if it is a democratic state. The people’s wish at this time is convening of Loya Jirga, so, let’s obey their wish.

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