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Editorial: Let’s talk inside our country

When asked to consider the major problems facing the country, the ending war which is the long-year desires of the Afghans, and surely improvement of the fragile economy top the Afghanistan wish list. Other issues, including drug trafficking, equality, injustice, poverty, racial inequality, crime etc… are seen as less pressing points. Once peace is restored, the remaining issues will resolve in the shortest period of time. Every Afghans view the war as a curse and very big problem for the country today and they see peace as an achievable objective but yet to happen. As the Afghan politicians and ordinary one are demanding peace, where will it come from? Peace is not in the market to buy it like fruits. We are puzzled where the peace is, and why a superpower country like the US is failing to bring it. The US entered Iraq and Syria to protect the world from insecurity. The same scenario applies in Afghanistan. However, the world is much unsafe today. There is no intention at all to accuse the US. The concept of peace is changing by passing each day. War in one country is considered peace and economic development in another country. The US peace envoy has been communicating with the Afghan and Taliban leaders for the last two years, plus key officials from regional and European countries, but the road to the peace is still bumpy and dumpy. So peace is not coming with a rich man’s will or efforts. It’s time to think and engage in a vigorous discussion with all segments of the society. The Afghans have been at war for over 40 years, and are still searching for peace. To achieve this noble cause, former President Hamid Karzia came out with a very meaningful remark, suggesting that the peace should be taken out of being a foreign project, and it should be turned into a national process. This statement is quite enough to unlock the chain of deadlock on the way to the peace process between the Afghan and Taliban peace delegations. It’s time for both sides to nationalize the process so as to achieve a political compromise to end the war. One of the ways to nationalize the process is to have peace talks inside our own country. It is also illogical to have such important talks outside the country while there are mammoth beautiful places across Afghanistan to carry the talks and it also doesn’t require passport and visa. So let’s conduct dignified peace talks inside our soil.

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