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Editorial: Light of hope

The recent tripartite meeting held in Moscow agreed on pulling of US troops out of Afghanistan by promising making successful Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad led peace process. No one has objection over the decision made public through a joint declaration issued on conclusion of the three-day moot, attended by representatives by US, China and host Russia. The next round of tripartite agreed to be held in Beijing. Now it is cleared that all these three countries are desirous for an early resolution of conflict in Afghanistan but they are made worried by growing act of violence and terror. The resistance forces are no doubt being supported from abroad, allegedly mostly from Pakistan. On such grounds, all these three countries are also making best to make agree Pakistan for terminating every sort of logistic, financial and political support to all those who are involved in violent acts in Afghanistan. But unfortunately the response is too disappointing. Despite the fact that almost progressive, democratic and even conservative political parties and moderate minded people from every walk of life in Pakistan are in favor of an end to every sort of terror and hostilities in Afghanistan. But certain hard line religious circle with visible support from civil-military establishment are thinking on different lines. The divisions within Pakistan is considered the major reason for intensifying and prolongation of war and fighting in Afghanistan. Now the US has made a mind to get rid of the conflict in Afghanistan but it doesn’t mean an end to terror, violence, hostilities and strange pulling in Afghanistan. The end of what US called “war in Afghanistan is being apprehended a beginning of new game in the region.” The growing hostilities between Saudi Arab and Iran and Pakistan’s isolation-even hostilities with Iran and dangerous aims towards Afghanistan amidst its traditional and British colonial rulers inherited hostilities with India couldn’t allow return of peace and tranquility in war-ravaged Afghanistan. At once the former President Hamid Karzai had made united politico-religious and social circles on the issue of peace, reconciliation and terror. However, currently situation on the ground is not fit. In the wake of dark clouds of war and violence, unity government in particular and rest of the Afghan leadership in general needs to take steps for making united the scattered Afghans. Instead of wasting energies and resources on Presidential elections, President Ghani needs to put the reconciliation process on top of priorities. Along with extending maximum support to Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, President Ghani needs to let high ups Afghans those who met Taliban at Moscow in previous January to initiate a struggle for the intra-Afghan dialogues and reconciliation without any foreign support. There is bright chances of success for reconciliation if the rival Afghans enable to meet each other like of Moscow in previous January. Not all but some of top Taliban leaders are also wants an end to imposed turmoil and they want peace, therefore, President Ghani and other Afghan leaders must avail this opportunity. 

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