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Editorial: A look inside Afghanistan times

Today is the day when it all started — the day when this newspaper launched back in 2006. We are celebrating our 12th anniversary as the country’s leading English news organization, by adhering to the principle of unbiased and independent news-making and launching a range of initiatives. These include a capacity-building programme, official webpage and social media campaign and subscription offer.

Since its inception, Afghanistan Times has grown to become Afghanistan’s most authoritative source of political news in English, providing an end-to-end and trusted coverage of world, domestic, political, economic, culture, art and provincial news, and we are now read by more people than ever before. It is because we have thousands of readers on the internet and social media, beside those constant newspaper readers.

During our 12 year history, much has changed, especially with the digital disruption of recent years. But there are some crucial constants – the quality of our journalism and the innovation we have brought to bear in adapting to the changing demands of our readers and in creating a dynamic multi-channel business.

The daily has struggled to adhere to its quintessential objective as to improve English language journalism and upgrade professional news-making to a higher level. Through its concentrated training programs and vocational training tours abroad, Afghanistan Times continuously focused on capacity-building of its employees and new-comers and encourages flourishing cadres and the elite journalists. The corporation also provides newsgatherings, and communications network in the Afghanistan media industry.

In the face of economic hardships of recent years, not only has Afghanistan never faltered, but has risen to uphold its qualitative and quantitative agendas. The daily has undergone and continue to undergo restrictions and pressures, in particular in the face of escalating violence against journalists and increasing limitations and risks on media outlets. A few years back, Afghanistan Times’ editor-in-chief was threatened to death and his vehicle was stolen by thieves. But it has been defying all the odds.

Afghanistan Times was founded in 2006 and the first edition of the newspaper was printed on 22 July. Since turning four newspaper pages color, the daily has continued to innovate and evolve. The daily is now a reputed news platform and is recognized domestically and internationally for its authoritative news, commentary and analysis. The daily envisages an expansion to disseminate news and information to a wider range of people.

With its diversity and versatility, it strives to spread the news and events of ultra-importance to its readers. It has established itself as distinguished media conglomerate delivering latest news and highlights, nurturing its vision of broadening public knowledge and delivering timely and efficient news to its readers.

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