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Editorial: Mark of shame

Why Pakistan has been supporting the Taliban and other terrorist outfits amid at continuing perpetuate the very long war which has gripped Afghanistan since 2001. It has been years that Pakistan has a difficult and strained relationship with us. Maybe she fears of our strength due to various reason, thus supporting and harboring militants. The roots of the Afghan-Pakistan conflict go much further back. It’s  the product of Afghanistan’s historic role at the crossroads of Central and South Asia as well but, the most important one, the always warm relations between two time-tested friends Kabul, and India—a country that stood alongside Afghan government and the people in every ups and downs situation. It is not a wall-type statement or exaggeration. India has been consistently focused on projecting its soft power by building dams, roads, schools, hospitals and monument of democracy such as parliament and court buildings. But, Pakistan by supporting militant outfits directly helps insurgents to target these facilities. Moreover, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi previously during his visit to Afghanistan, makes it a point to say some Pashto and Dari words in his public speeches apart from appreciating rich culture of the host country. Even, Indian technocrats are so conscious about their soft policy that they call India as economic partner to Afghanistan rather than a donor. But Pakistan’s new Prime Minister, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said the bombers behind a deadly truck bombing in the diplomatic zone of Kabul in May that killed and wounded more than 600 Afghans, were likely to have come from Pakistan. “I don’t know all the details, but it seems three or four people crossed over the border. There was a vehicle which travelled from that area to Kabul and was parked in an embassy compound before it blew up,” he said in an interview with Financial Times, published Monday. Noting this, difference is quite visible, and it would be great injustice to even compare the name of India with Pakistan. At one hand ‘India’ an angel, while at other ‘Pakistan’ a devil that makes efforts all the time to destabilize Afghanistan. Truly mark of shame for Pakistan. Furthermore, US endorsed the Kabul’s stand on Taliban’s capability and safe havens, provided by Pakistan. US recently asked Islamabad to shut all the safe havens and breeding nurseries of Taliban and other militant outfits. But, since Pakistan would not stop meddling, and not restrain from evil designs, it is imperative that National Unity Government leaders to take the issue with UN Security Council. However, our President, Ashraf Ghani could also grip Pakistan neck to the UN General Assembly for its overtly saying that terrorists entered Afghanistan from Pakistan. The President has to effectively highlight Pakistan’s support to terrorism in the Assembly, and also take personally with US President Donald Trump as he (Ghani) expects to meet Trump on the sideline of the multinational gathering. There is no denying that the principle cause for the ongoing conflict is the overt and covert support to the insurgent outfits. It has been for years that Afghans, both military and civilian, have been bearing the brunt of casualties, and no more room left for them to see their dearest and nearest ones weather killed or wounded. We are tired of war and want to take a breath of serenity in our country after long wars, and heal the wounds of our nation.

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