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Editorial: Matter of sovereignty

The Afghan people are very much sensitive when it comes to the matter of sovereignty, and there is no compromise in it even at the cost of lives. We are a sovereign state and our sovereignty is globally recognized. No argument stands in this regard, but what hurts us is the interference of our hostile neighbor, Pakistan—a state that has been supporting and harboring militants. Islamabad for long time has been engaged in facilitating terrorist groups active in the region, and it is not exaggeration as in the past 16 years, numerous leading figures of terrorists, including Osama bin Laden, and Taliban leaders, Mullah Omar and Mansour lived and died in Pakistan. Notorious terrorist leaders were found and killed in their safe havens in Pakistan—the very terrorists that enter Afghanistan and kill innocent people. Viewing this, it’s a clear proof that the country has violated the sovereignty of other nations. Noting this, all sort of argument in connection, if there is any, is baseless. Moreover, time is ripe for the international community to proper implement the existing counter-terrorism resolutions of the UN Security Council, in which Pakistan will be designated as ‘terroristan’ (place for terrorists).  Another proof of interference and step toward undermining our sovereignty was when Pakistan Prime Minister said that his country wants ‘zero’ political or military role for India in Afghanistan. “If they (India) want to do economic assistance, that’s their prerogative, but there’s no—we don’t accept or see any role politically or militarily for India in Afghanistan,” Pakistan’s Acting Prime Minister, Shahid Khaqn Abbasi said this during a public talks at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. Fantastic Mr. Abbasi, it is like killing patient instead of disease. You Mr. Abbasi said yourself that bombers behind a deadly truck bomb in the diplomatic zone of Kabul in May, which killed and wounded over 600 Afghans, had come from Pakistan. You admitted that three or four terrorists carried out the deadly blast. Look who is talking, the father of terrorists. We are sovereign state we want good relations with India. We understand Pakistan’s frustration, especially after President Trump has pivoted toward India and away from Pakistan. It is also a fact that India could easily send tens of thousands of soldiers in Afghanistan from its 1.4 million-strong military to kill Pakistani-backed militants. India has helped Afghanistan in every area during past years. In tit-for-tat response to Pakistan, a MoU will sign next week to expand (the India-Afghanistan security partnership) to training Afghan police officer in India. After training Afghan National Army officers, and soldiers for four years, now India has planning to train Afghan police officers there. There is no denying to the fact that Pakistan is accountable for killing of innocent Afghans as the leadership of the country personally admits. It has been for years that Pakistan has become a safe haven for extremist groups with full support of Pakistani intelligence agency (ISI), which highly jeopardizing security of the regional countries. Since Pakistan has not interested to shun supporting militant outfits, so her elimination is imperative for the sake of region’s peace and stability.

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