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Editorial: Matter of survival

It is not good. This time the government has gone too far by ignoring the most annoying news that educated young men are joining ranks of the deadly insurgent groups. Unemployment which is for years on the horizon of the country, vicious circle of poverty and inattention of the numb central government has left the youth in northeastern Kunduz province with no other option but to join the Taliban, the most deadly insurgent group which captured Kunduz City in late September.

It has been three days that the news appeared in media, but the government is looking very much unwind. Perhaps, the authorities are busy in finding new excuses to trick the international community for more donations. How peace and security to be restored when there is no willingness on part of the government which has lost its charm among public due to controversies and mismanagement.

In every nation, young blood is thought to be the backbone, but unfortunately, in Afghanistan there is no such concept because youth are leaving for developed countries on daily basis. The brain drain is paralyzing the country.

Till when the government would stick to its policy of inattention and compromise on national interests. The country is already in trouble. People at the helm of power shall not push it further by negligence. Nothing is important than the issue of young people joining the militant groups.

It is not to let to reduce the score of anti-state elements by addressing grievances of young people in Kunduz and other provinces. The government shall respond quickly. Delay will prove calamitous because the country is already teetering on the brink of large-scale violence this year.

Abdul Ghafor Hottak, youth affairs director at the Information and Culture Department, said that hundreds of educated youth joined insurgents. They tried hard to get jobs, but they failed due to nepotism. He said that majority of these young men with bachelor’s degree from the Kunduz University have joined Taliban insurgents. Three of them are now commanders and are leading the war against the government in Dasht-i-Archi district, the official said.

One thing is clear that no job means no security and stability. Growing insecurity and other acts of violence is also not far from expectation if jobs were not created. It is also feared that more youth might join insurgent ranks if the government failed to create employment opportunities. There is no single doubt that the graph of joblessness has increased. There is no denying to the fact that these youths were not recruited on voluntary basis. Unemployment, despite graduation had forced them to join militancy. But the question is here that where Afghanistan is eventually heading. What would be the future of Afghan masses? Does government, despite several other issues, will find solution and stop youth from joining insurgency. For instance, if the unemployed youth start joining insurgency, and the government remained constant in its wait and see policy, what will this trend could bring to the already war-hit country. Is it not a biggest threat than existing insurgent outfits? Who would benefit from it? The time is ripe for the government to think twice, and stop wasting time on resolving issues that is considered as matter of survival.

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