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Editorial: Mere dreams

Afghanistan is lagging behind from the regional countries in almost all sectors that one could name. Both, people and government are blameworthy. Public could not turn face from responsibilities by criticizing the governments for ills that we have hands in. Afghan people have failed to protect the historical sites while the authorities are looking for donations to restore the sites. Most of the plans are not good enough to convince the donors. Many of the sites are undocumented. Likewise, many species are on the verge of extinction due to hunting. Snow-leopard is just a single example. If the leaders in the past 50 years have established national parks and reservoirs, over 27 animals, birds, reptiles and plants would have been a center of attraction for foreign and local researchers.

Likewise, the public health ministry is highly relying on surveys of national and international non-governmental and governmental organizations. The ministry has no data on people having cancer. The data is generalized because the relevant authorities could not point to a single hospital where they can diagnose cancer. In Afghanistan, scores of doctors prescribe medicines for hydronephrosis to heart patients. Several people have lost their life because of the poor-diagnoses and treatment skills as well as facilities. When amount of the aid received by Afghanistan in the past over 15 years is compared to the condition of health sector, it would leave one in utter despair. A small portion of the donation could have changed fate of the nation if the amount was spent properly. Afghans would have state of the art hospitals by now.

Unfortunately, a few individuals having no experience are running the system. That is why the condition of education sector is not different than health sector. Most of senior university teachers do not have PhD in their respective field of study. Those who have completed research work are unknown at international level because we have ignored the importance of English. Without accepting and promoting the international language, our researchers will remain unknown.

News report published by Pajhwok Afghan News on Tuesday regarding ranking of universities is a clear reminder that the previous and current governments have failed to deliver. None of Afghanistan’s university is in the list of 1,000.  Teachers blame the government. The authorities blame insecurity and insufficient budget. Students blame both. So solution and logical arguments are missing. The relevant ministry cannot blame insecurity. Afghanistan has become ground for proxy and civil wars in the past 40 years. What before the era of kings. There are countries that gone through blood wars and are still facing hostile neighbors but they know importance of education. These countries and autonomous regions are smaller in size and lack natural resources when compared to Afghanistan, but their universities have set precedents for the developing nations. Singapore, South Korea, Israel, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are just a few examples.

Since there is no excuse, therefore, the government had to inject heavy dose of reforms and the universities teachers should accept the change. They cannot put future of students at stake in order to save their jobs.

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