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Editorial: Militants financing

What it called in connection with its efforts for chasing the terror, the US has released a letter pertained to financiers of various militant groups and commanders engaged in violent acts in parts and parcels throughout Afghanistan. Through this letter, issued with collaboration of Gulf States agencies working on terror, the US directly mentioned names of two neighbouring countries whereas its public and private sectors are not only extending financial and logistic support but also guiding/facilitating the terror acts in Afghanistan. According to letter, income or money minted from drugs trafficking plays a key role in continuation of violent acts in Afghanistan. Culture of drugs money using in violent and subversive activities is not new. In recent past, spy masters from a number of countries, responsible for flourishing of extremism and terrorism in Afghanistan have been condemned by global media. At early stage, through heroin smuggling sponsors and patrons have addressed maximum needs of fighters in Afghanistan. As a result the trend converted into a culture and now recognized as “terror economy” throughout the world. The US and Gulf States collaboration of making expose the terror financiers could be considered a good omen. In fact since a long the US is known for “eyeing in own interests.” On such rounds the new list should not be exploited for the US own strategic-economic interests in the region. But it should be used sincerely for ending of over four decades old era of hostilities, violence and bloodshed on the soil of Afghanistan. Each and every human throughout the world realizes miseries of Afghans who are no more capable of witnessing bloodshed on their motherland. They are desirous for peace and tranquility and for the purpose they not only welcomed the US led allies some 17 years back but even made blind faiths on each and every act/action of US but the results remain too much disappointing. On ending of US led allies field operation, the regional and neighboring countries have not only resumed its interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan but along with financing now these foreign countries are bent up on sabotaging of political and democratic processes. Regional and neighboring countries intend to monopolize internal and external policies of Afghanistan, which might be a severe blow to its sovereignty and solidarity. It is the time for US, Gulf Region and other countries to arrest the growing trends of terror within Afghanistan otherwise it would definitely affect the global peace.

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