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Editorial: Mirza Olang tragedy

Very horrifying news that was in suspicious, turned reality and raced around media outlets. Mass graves of innocent Afghans have been uncovered in northern part of Afghanistan. With capturing Mirza Olang valley in northern Sar-e-Pul province, the militants massacred residents, digging their bodies in graves. Killing of civilians is absolutely in contrary with Islam. The Holy Islam teaches us love, not hatred or bloodsheds. Several mass graves containing dozens of bodies have been found in Mirza Olang valley. Three children were among those who brutally killed—the innocent faces were beheaded, it has been reported. How weird is this. Militants even don’t showed mercy to the children. Mass burial sites of many residents of Mirza Olang, who had been subjected to brutal killings, have been found. Over 50 dead bodies have been removed from these graves so far. Another horrifying is when a resident, who returned to his village, after ten days, in search for his father, said he has found a pair of shoes belonging to his father. Like him there are several people who found their nearest and dearest bodies, or searching for them. It is more tragedy then it. We can’t explain the pain of victim families only by some words. They are going through most difficult time of their life. Afghan masses across the country realize their pains and sorrows. All the Afghans, from military to civilians have been rendering great sacrifices. Despite losing family members, we, the Afghan masses never frustrated, instead working hard to reach durable peace and stability—one day will reach by grace of Allah, the Almighty. It is widely known that with hardship there is relief. Nowadays, the situation is not running with us, but Afghan people are confident on the shoulder of Afghan security forces. We will not hesitate for more sacrifices, aimed at winning war against all sort of militants, and their foreign masters. The sacrifices will not go in vain—eventually it will bear fruits. Time will come when all Afghan masses across the country, will be living in peace and stability, besides sturdy economy. We know our enemy. Question is here that why insurgency is gaining ground in Afghanistan again—the answer is very clear to all. Pakistan has been supporting and harboring militancy. In the traditional sense, insurgency is not a home-grown. Once militant sanctuaries in Pakistan eliminated, peace would be in everywhere. The support network of militants is very much important to be demolished. Afghanistan is facing a declared war. Terrorist groups, namely Taliban and Islamic State, have state support and that’s Pakistan. The government of Pakistan is equally accountable for the killing of Afghans, especially the recent massacre of Mirza Olang. Terrorists have been flooding to Afghanistan from Pakistan. We suffered a lot at hand of Pakistan-backed militants. However, despite all disappointment one day Afghanistan will be a safest place. No doubt, from President to other high-ranking government officials, and ordinary Afghans have been working hard with dedication to rebuild the country, and we will succeed in our holy war against the devil.

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