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Editorial: Misfortunes with no end

Afghans are killed and injured on different pretexts. Their precious lives have become cheaper than any commodity available on the planet earth. Once calling themselves sincere friends of Afghans are become strangers now. They are abandoning Afghans because their interests are secured and objectives achieved. Sacrifices that Afghans have rendered to protect the so-called allies are going in vain. With drawdown of the foreign troops from the country, the fortune and situation had turned against those Afghans working for them. All those locals who worked for foreign forces in the country are at the hit list of the militants. Some were targeted. Those who were lucky to escape are now feeling abandoned in the lands of allies; those many were adjusted but not all.

Such attitude will do no good to the NATO member countries. They have to respect feelings of the interpreters because they will return back to their country with no soft corner for foreigners. They risked their lives to help the US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan. But now, they are facing a discriminative approach in Britain and a few other countries. As of today, two Afghan interpreters who helped British troops have lost their court challenge for “access to a Government assistance scheme”. They have not only lost trust over the Britain’s defense ministry but also on the judiciary. The British authorities shall not let hope of these interpreters to die.

In another unfortunate incident, the Iranian police had killed six Afghans and injured 18 others on late Sunday in Rafsanjan city. According to Iranian officials the police was forced to open fire because the truck driver, carrying the illegal Afghan immigrants, denied stopping for checking. Even if it is true what the Iranian authorities said, the police had no right to kill people like gangsters. The killings question efficiency of Iranian security officials. How can they fail to stop a truck when there was no armed person? Perhaps, they are unquestionable for their deeds. There is no logic in killing unarmed civilians even if they are illegal immigrants. Refugees leave their country to live in a peaceful country. Afghans are not the troublemakers but victims of the war imposed on them.

Killings of Afghans will continue if the Afghan government remained silent. Embassy of Afghanistan in Tehran shall take notice of the issue. The foreign ministry shall also protest while summoning the Iranian ambassador in the country.

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