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Editorial: Mockery accusation

Afghanistan is a state that has been bleeding on daily basis. Heart-wrenching incident is taking place in every corner of the country with killing and wounding dozens of innocent people. The long war against militancy continues, and the Afghan security forces chasing them at-large. There is strong will inside the government to eliminate all form of insurgent outfits, while this global war on terror is receiving cold shoulder from others, especially from the neighbor—Pakistan. Matters are getting increasingly ominous for Kabul and Islamabad to fight insurgency in the region. At the states-quo, the two neighbors are going through tense relations as trust-deficit has reached at boiling point. However, Pakistan is the most untrustable ally of Afghanistan in global campaign against insurgents. Unfortunately, Pakistan is not learning from the past mistakes, as she still backing militants. History is littered with examples of Pakistan’s treacheries in fighting militancy. Even the country is not honest with its countrymen, because Pakistan’s backed terrorists in their recent series of attacks in Pakistan left several people killed and wounded. The terrorist attack outside Punjab Assembly in Lahore killed 16 people and the Jamaatul Ahrar, a breakaway faction of Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility. But the interesting point is that Islamabad on Wednesday summoned a senior Afghan diplomat and registered its concern over terror attacks by militants from their sanctuaries in Afghanistan. Such statement is carrying no weight, rather taken as a mockery allegation. Not only TTP, but all insurgent outfits are enjoying safe hideouts inside Pakistan. It is very true because, General John Nicholson, the commander of international forces in the country, while testifying before a US Armed Services Committee hearing on Afghanistan last week, called for a holistic review of Washington’s relations with Islamabad to pressure the country to end militant sanctuaries on Pakistani soil. With no doubt, there is no militants breeding nurseries in villages and even in the mountains of Afghanistan, and it’s proved several times. However, Pakistan’s blame game is not new, and also no more rational. Islamabad instead of taking the issue with Kabul, should sincerely joined hands with Afghanistan in fight against insurgents.

On the other hand, it is like a ‘plain as the nose on your face’ that Islamabad is exporting terrorisms to Afghanistan. Thus, such accusation could further push Pakistan toward isolation. It is not exaggeration, because we know what the member states of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation did with Pakistan as part of campaign to isolate it. No more scorn accusation is workable, but to take a concrete actions to eliminate terrorist group. Without visible and productive measures Pakistan cannot prove its sincerity in the war against terrorism.

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