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Editorial: More optimistic than before

We are unabashed optimistic when it comes to the future of Afghanistan. We spare no efforts in our capacity to rebuild our country. Long war had given birth to millions of problems and of course it’s time-consuming to resolve. However, efforts were never slow downed instead efforts were double to restore peace and stability back in the country. Afghanistan pinned high hope to Warsaw Summit, and it would not be irrational to say that we are on right truck as NATO leaders on Saturday, by leaders from Resolute Support Mission partner countries at the Warsaw Summit have reaffirmed their commitment to the long-term security and stability of Afghanistan. Together with President Ashraf Ghani, they discussed security situation and they also took stock of the performance of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, and laid out the way ahead for their continued support for Afghanistan.

After meeting with Afghan leaders, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told newsmen that they pledge funding the Afghan security forces through 2020. He said that Afghan security forces are now responsible for security across the whole country. “They are defending the Afghan people with dedication and courage.”

Three vital decisions were made. “First, we agreed to sustain our Resolute Support Mission beyond 2016, through a flexible, regional mode. Second, we received firm national commitments to continue funding Afghan security forces through 2020. And third, we reaffirmed our support for a long-term political partnership and practical cooperation with Afghanistan.”

“So our message is clear: Afghanistan does not stand alone, and we are committed for the long haul.”

Such statement, especially when it is about supporting Afghanistan puts the enemies into trouble. It is very tough for them to digest and see Afghanistan moving toward stabilization. They do everything in their level to destroy all gains made after the collapse of Taliban regime. It is impossible to forget Taliban’s hand in devastations of the country, as still they are hell-bent on it. And that’s because they don’t have free well on decision making. They look to their masters and follow their instructions without thinking once.

Since NATO member countries focus on Afghanistan, it would not be exaggeration to say that peace and stability would come one day. But, if insurgent outfits, ‘the core obstacles ahead of peace’ renounce violence, peace would come today.

Time is ripe for them to think with open mind that they can’t fight Afghan security forces as it is already proved in different battlefields.

The message of NATO members was very clear that they don’t abandon Afghanistan. This is a clear indication that the country is moving forward with strong intention with support of international community.

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