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Editorial: More terrifying

So if one is hell-bent on killing Afghan civilians through different ways, new tactics, and in manifold sort of terrorist attacks, what would be the wise advice to do with such practical group? Surely, without a one negative vote, all the people would agree for demolish of such terror faction. Bluntly saying, the Taliban insurgents is the one who always targeted civilians, despite military personnel’s. They (Taliban) have never been faltered in killing civilians, in a terror manner. In the past, civilians were targeted incidentally, but in these years, the Taliban picking off civilians, and kill them brutally. And it’s getting worse, as the Taliban insurgents killed seven civilians, taking six other with themselves in western Farah province. The Taliban fighters stopped a passenger bus and forced seven people off the vehicle before shooting them. It is very horrifying. It is against Islamic teachings and human principles. How they (Taliban) can kill unarmed people. They are claiming to be adherent of Islam, but Islam strongly rejects killing of innocent people, even if they are not Muslims. It is a serious crime to kill a man unjustly. According to the Holy Quran, killing one man is like killing all mankind. One who is guilty of unjust killing is a perpetrator of the worst crime which is punished by being sent to hell. Islam, is the religion of tolerance, holds the human soul in high esteem, and considers the attack against innocent human beings a grave sin. Noting this, it would be a great injustice to recognize Taliban insurgents as ambassador of this peaceful religion (Islam). They are not true representative of Islam. However, it is another issue that they are calming. This is not first incident in its nature, as the Taliban insurgents killed and wounded people at large. In the past, ten bus passengers were killed by the Taliban insurgents on the Ali Abad district highway in Kunduz province. It is not the end as the Taliban insurgents killed 12 passengers after kidnapping them in Ghazni province. One can go on with plenty of examples of the Taliban’s atrocity. Despite that, a large number of Afghan civilians have been killed during past 17 years of the Taliban’s irrational war. Afghan civilians are the worst victim in campaign of global war against insurgents. After the Taliban regime was toppled, the public assured that the wars had ended and innocent people would not be harmed and killed anymore. Unfortunately, civilians are increasingly bearing the brunt of the violence. Anyways, there is a saying that a wise man changes his mind, a fool will never. Time is ripe for the Taliban insurgents to no more linger on their war as it brings nothing but devastation.

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