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Editorial: Mullah Biradar mystery

Co-founder of Taliban Tehrik Mullah Abdul Ghani Biradar is imprisoned in Pakistan for undone sin since 2010. He was picked up by personnel of security agencies while he was making attempt for reconciliation between Afghan government and Taliban Movement leaders. At same days, another Pakistani militant leader Latif Mehsud was also picked up by foreign troops along with Afghan-Pak crossing point. Both of them were on a similar mission, foiled by no other then foreign troops and spy agencies. Later international media reported that Mullah Abdul Ghani Biradar’s arrest was a joint move on the part of US and Pakistan spy agencies. A number of leading Afghan leaders and high ranking officials have shown concern and denounced arrest of Mullah Ghani Biradar and Latif Mehsud. Ironic to mention that since 2010 several times Pakistani authorities announced release of Mullah Abdul Ghani. Last time the announcement made when Pakistan on the request/initiatives of Russian Federation announced release of over one dozen leading Afghan Taliban leaders and commanders. Though almost others got freedom but Mullah Biradar remain behind the bars. And the fact was confirmed when on completion of a high level Qatar delegation headed by Foreign Minister completed a two days trip to Pakistan. Since Sunday reports regarding release of Mullah Biradar are in the air. So far neither Kabul nor Islamabad issued formal announcement in this respect. Mullah Ghani Biradar is considered mind behind Taliban Movement installation in 1994. He is having too much influence in native Uruzgan along with surrounding Kandahar, Helmand, Farah, Herat and other surrounding provinces.  No any statement on the part of Mullah Abdul Ghani made or available regarding Taliban resistance against Afghan government since 2010 but unconfirmed reports reveal that he had made a bind for brokering peace agreement between Taliban’s Quetta Shura headed by Mullah Muhammad Omar Akhund and Afghan government of former President Hamid Karzai. But the process was foiled at eleventh hour by no other then spy agencies of both US and Pakistan. Relations of Afghanistan with rest of two component of tri-partite in war on terror were not good after slipping of almost Taliban militants (Afghans, Pakistanis, Arab and other foreigners) to Waziristan in 2004 but arrest of Mullah Biradar and Latif Mehsud made it further polluted in 2010. Such arrests made exposed the sincerity of US, Pakistan and its other allies regarding return of peace and tranquility in Afghanistan and an end to terror and hostilities. Similar situation is still exists whereas the former foes i.e. US and Russians have been entered into another round of proxy war on the soil of already war stricken Afghanistan. Almost Afghans are also lacking trust in US and neighboring countries as well and believe that all these countries intends to keep engage their own produced militants in fight against each others on the soil of Afghanistan. Instead of wasting time and energies, responsibility rests with the Afghan leaders to re-think ways and means for pulling the country and countrymen out of existing crises and chaos. And for the purpose, it is the time to take steps for convening the traditional Loya Jirga to debate the issues, intentions of foreign countries and go for building up a consensus regarding future destiny of Afghans-who are no more capable to remain spectator to wars imposed on them from abroad.

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