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Editorial: Mysterious assassination

Peshawar police senior officer Tahir Khan Dawar’s violence-ridden dead body’s dumping in Dur Baba of Nangarhar province generating too much question. Belong to North Waziristan Tahir Dawar was abducted from Islamabad, capital of Pakistan on October 27 and one day after his mysterious abduction, he had talked to his wife on a cell telephone from somewhere in Jehlum Punjab whereas he assured of early return to home. During this period tribesmen from all over North and South Waziristan through their traditional Jirga’s denounced kidnapping of Tahir Khan and demanded his early and safe recovery. Even the Jirga elders met with Police chief in Peshawar and on his assurances, the Jirga members have delayed their decision of going on a sit in protest at Islamabad. The issue was raised in National Assembly and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well. But unfortunately custodians of law and order in Pakistan had failed in honouring of commitments and promises not only with members of traditional tribal jirga’s but also with two teen agar daughters of the slain police officer. Tahir Khan was not only serving in Police but he was also a poet whereas he had narrated tales of his own Dawar and Utman Wazir tribesmen in poems and songs. He was counted one amongst the highly competent and efficient police officers. He was one amongst those who have refused to surrender before terrorists and their mentors, which seem to be the main reason of his brutal and inhuman assassination. Tahir is not first or last Pakhtoon policemen, mysteriously assassinated. But he is one top officer who was abducted from the main capital of Pakistan and later on his dead body dumped inside Afghanistan. Foreign offices of both the neighbouring countries confirmed retrieving of mutilated dead body of Pakhtoon police officer from Dur Baba, Nangarhar. Later on it was handed over to Afghan government officials at Mohmand Dara and shifted to Jalalabad. From Jalalabad, it was shifted to Peshawar through ICRC ambulances. The Pakistani authorities from last two years are making tall claims regarding its complete writ on Durand Line in the light of its forced and one-sided fencing. Secondly since 2016, there are complete restrictions on Pakistan side regarding visiting Afghanistan or entrance into Pakistan. Without passport with valid visa for both the countries no one could cross over the legal entry points, which are now only three included Chaman, Ghulam Khan and Torkham. In such a circumstances Tahir Khan Dawar’s kidnapping from Islamabad and his shifting to Afghanistan generating stock of questions. Pakistan is bound to answer all these questions. Target killing, even after kidnapping in North Waziristan-native region of Tahir Khan Dawar is taking place from last several months. Almost victims are no other than those who have extended support to Pakistani government and security forces in military action Zarb-i-Azab against militants calling their group is Shura-i-Mujahideen North Waziristan. Pakistani military officials are claiming of clearing North Waziristan of all militants. Similarly during military action Zarb-i-Azab almost tribesmen have been disarmed. Even tribesmen engaged in property and monetary disputes are reportedly fighting with knives and sticks. In such situation, target killing and kidnapping of innocent and armless tribesmen belong to North Waziristan in particular and rest of Pakhtoon dominated areas is a big question. Not only family and common tribesmen but leaders of different political parties like Awami National Party, independent MNA from North Waziristan and others are showing their severe resentment over mysterious kidnapping of Mohsin Dawar. Pakhtoons from all over the world through social media not only denouncing kidnapping and killing of Tahir Khan Dawar but even now they raising voices for impartial inquiry into continue violence and terror acts against Pakhtoons through international bodies.

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