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Editorial: Another headache for NUG

In the wake of spate of political disorders in the country, the National Unity Government needs to embark an unflinching scheme to find wise solutions to the ongoing turmoil. Any sorts of issue creating headache to the government must be deterred. But does it simple to bring political orders? It is like digging hole in a sea. Some mistakes also made within the government, causing parts of problem. Albeit, none is above the all—reshuffling in government posts have to be accepted in any circumstance. In case of any variety of frication, the opposed party is to site-in talks for it’s peacefully solutions, without pushing the country toward further crisis. Afghans—don’t peeped situation optimistically. Defying the central government order to resign, second governor after Atta Mohammad Noor, has anticipated a gloomy picture of current uncertainty—with no hope in sight. Totally indication of friction that has been deepening between government and local powers, as ousted governors challenging government writ widely. Following the footprint of Noor—who stood against and lay blame on government over its incompetent, the ousted governor of northern Samangan province, Abdul Karim Khedam also rejected Ghani’s decision to step down from seat. Also questioning NUG’s legitimacy—no power to depose him in such a unilaterally way. But who is President Ghani and CEO Abdullah? They are the leaders of the NUG—fully committed to their leaderships that came out based on votes. Serving personal interest over nation is a traitor. This has deeply injecting political schism between Ghani and regional leaders—which can prove sour for us. Disobediently, the defiant governors, the President and all oppose the Taliban and other insurgent outfits, but their infighting has added to complications ahead of struggles to make headway against the insurgents, even President Trump has stepped up a bombing campaign against them. Collective efforts should be focused on how to roll back areas under militant’s control—unfortunately political infighting in the government-controlled areas is posing another challenge. No breakthrough made in talks with opposition—totally in stalemate. Rather Noor announced and called on his supporters for a massive protest around the country, including Kabul, this month. Painstaking efforts to normalize the situation by realizing the bone of contention via designing a comprehensive strategy content of all political groups to help consolidate the so-called peace and security is an urgent need. We must overcome false and inner alarms instead pay spotlight on threat level that still remains significant. Insecurity and threats are pretty high right now—let’s work hard to stop the enemy to reach their evil goals by uniting first.

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