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Editorial: Need To National Consensus

The majority of Afghans still rely on cultural and historical notions of solving the country’s controversial issues. As Afghanistan holds a nation composed of various major and minor ethnicities, the inclusion of different leaders from various aspects of the society, with making a national consensus, is vitally important to find a resolving for the country’s disputed issues. The ways Afghans are living and treating life is clearly understood even by foreign countries. Each large and minor tribe has its influential leaders who can play significant roles in the country’s affairs. These leaders have always come forward whenever the country faced or struggled with controversies, disunity and problems. They have helped the governments in countering issues. Unfortunately, President Ashraf Ghani failed to maintain this national consensus. He even created fractures among these leaders. Ghani has misused these influential figures as tools whenever facing a big problem unable to resolve, he calls on the national consensus but whenever he overcomes the problem, again treats them with ignorance. His administration is also unable to keep proper vibes with the parliament, which is one of the important elements in the country. But the matter of concern is that Afghanistan is currently engaged in the historic peace process with the Taliban denying the current administration and violence has been continuing across the country. Although Ghani faced widespread criticisms for his wrong policy inside and outside Afghanistan, still he has not made any flexibility towards the country’s leaders. Some Kabul-based media reported that the U.S. President Joe Biden denied a telephonic conversation with Ghani and hinted that he would hold talks if a national consensus be formed inside Afghanistan. To follow up with the path, Ghani has recently increased meeting the country’s influential figures, including Speaker of the Parliament and former government officials. After spending more than a year in his indigenous northern Jawzjan province, leader of the Jonbesh-e-Milli, Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum arrived in Kabul on Saturday. He will meet Ghani and some other top politicians in Kabul. Considering his previous policies, it could be understood that Ghani misused these political figures as tools. Despite all, it is time for our leaders to get together and find a way out of the current misery of the 40 years long relentless war. Even if Ghani be not willing for consensus on the peace process and other controversial issues, these leaders are responsible to reach a solution for Afghanistan. Either he likes it or not, Afghanistan is a culture-and-history-based country where influential leaders have always played important roles in the country’s affairs.  

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