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Editorial: Negligence is not acceptable

It is impossible to simply praise the efforts of the Afghan security forces with only expressing some words. They are making indefatigable efforts in maintaining security in the war-hit country. They are safeguarding the national values, thwarting anti-Afghan conspiracies, bravery resistance against foreign mercenaries, and always situated their chest in front of enemy’s bullet aimed at protecting Afghan people nationwide. A large number of them were killed at the line of duty. They are the true son of this soil at real sense. We are truly appreciating their efforts, and we understand that without our patriot Afghan security forces, the militants with the support of some regional countries could have taken Kabul within some days. But this is the Afghan security forces that are defending Afghanistan from any sort of aggression. The Afghan masses are fully confidents on the strong wings of the Afghan security forces. Without doubt, security forces are our heroes and lions. The next generation would have peaceful and prosperous life due to their sacrifices and struggles and for sure the history would be written with their sacrifices. At the same time we should not forget that war is imposed on us, but security forces foiled the plots of the enemies all the time. Militants already lost influence to fight security forces face-to-face, and that’s why they (militants) carrying out cover attacks in areas such as mosques, hospitals, civilian areas, schools, universities, clinics, and etc… However, It should not be forgotten that security forces have been fighting insurgency for stability of Afghanistan and as well as regional and the entire world. Terrorism is a global phenomenon which needs to be curbed out, but the Afghan security forces are in the frontline of war on terror. Today, thousands of Afghan brave youth are in the ranks of Afghan security forces, showing clear message to the militants that they will chase them in every mountain and valley of the country. Security forces already killed numerous of militants in different battlefields and proved bitter test for the militants. However, it is very hard to learn that some of these security forces have not received salaries for almost eight months. Despite that, they are fighting insurgency with high moral. Police in central Uruzgan province complain they have not received salaries for the past eight months, making it hard for them to meet family and other needs. The complaining police are residents of Uruzgan, Kandahar and Kabul provinces. They perform duty in extremely difficult condition. It is also clear that the National Unity Government is very much committed toward Afghan security forces. There is no doubt in it. But, there are some grey areas where the government has to remove it. Negligence toward Afghan security forces is not acceptable to any level.

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