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Editorial: New manifestation

Afghanistan is forging a new relationship with Central Asian countries. A relation based on mutual equality and interests. A new face of the war-hit country is emerging slowly, but steadily. Afghanistan is rising from its ashes, left by the four decades of war, like a phoenix. Soon the world will not only see the country’s beauty, but also to realize the strong emergence, following gradually healing of its pains. We are passing our past black arena day by day. The Taliban regime was the darkest period, in which all the infrastructures were reduced to pieces. Women, and girls prevented from going to school, and workplaces. In real scenes, Afghan women were like a house arrests. But, after the collapse of their rule, Afghanistan comes up to the fore with a new face of democracy, supported by the international community, and by US directly. The former president, Hamid Karzai, was the first elected leader of the country after fall of the Taliban rule. During his term, numerous developments had been achieved in several areas. Bit by bit his two term of presidency were ended with eye-catching achievements, including peaceful transition of power from one elected president to another. After having complicated presidential election, a common practice in the world, the two rivals, President Ashraf Ghani, and Chief Executive Officer, Abdullah Abdullah formed the National Unity Government (NUG), putting rest to all uncertainty. But at current time, the progress in Afghanistan at somehow is not digesting by regional countries. It seems that Afghanistan is in right direction that some enemies are not happy with. Recently, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani expressed his concerns regarding Afghanistan’s hydro-power dam building projects. He said that dam construction in Afghanistan play a role in the desiccation of rivers that the people will be forced to leave their homes. Such baseless remarks caused outrage among Afghan masses nationwide, and everyone supported dam construction. The NUG also showed it’s commitment to build more dams despite the concerns by the neighboring countries. 18 billion meter cubic water is our national capital, and it is our legal right to use it in ways to lead us toward development. At the same time the government is in the process of limiting Pakistan’s veto options on transportation of goods by looking at other routes. President Ghani said that once upon a time, Pakistan was in view that if Torkham, Spin Boldak and Karchi ports blocked, Afghans would start groan. However, time of groaning and moaning is ended. Again it is worth mentioning that Afghanistan is moving toward development, despite so many other challenges. The Afghans, including ordinary ones and those setting in government’s echelon are now enough mature to deal with every sort of uncertainty, and change the ground situation in favor of Afghanistan. Our pride is our country, and it would be rebuilt, if everyone thinks and works only for national interest.

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