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Editorial: New opening

Sometimes it just needs a push to see bona fide and talent to someone which is behind imagination. Nothing is preeminent in this world, even the humans. One day everyone has to go. But what would leave are memories—bad and good, or even worse. There are a lot of countries in the surface of this planet, among them one calls Afghanistan—a country that its leaders, and the brave nation have been making efforts to rebuild their motherland. We are fighting terrorism with rendering huge sacrifices in order to stop its evil flame from being enlarge to grapes the nick of neighboring countries, and eventually the world. Our brave Afghan security forces are in frontline of global campaign against war on terror. Over 20 groups of insurgents are operating here. Fighting against militants is a matter of day to day. Insurgents by their suicide attacks, roadside blasts, and other subversive activates are putting efforts to undermine the Afghan security forces capacity, as well the NATO resolute mission in Afghanistan. It is a fact that we are in war. Deaths in civilian causalities already up by two percent comparing to the same time last year. Security situation is getting worse from bad. Economy fragile is another beast to deal with. The National Unity Government is in trouble fully. It needs to work hard. But at the same time, Taliban insurgents in particular, and other militant outfits in general have lost influence to battle security force face-to-face. It would not be exaggeration to say that the backbone of the militant group have been reduced to several pieces. In the past 16 days, Afghan security forces are making huge progress against Taliban insurgents. The latest one is recapturing of Nawa district of Helmand province. District was under control of the Taliban insurgents for longtime. Over 80 Taliban insurgents were killed during retaken operation. Indeed, it is a huge blow to the group. The point is that the Afghan masses are in war, but we love and dream to live in peaceful environment. The war has been imposed on us and we want to get rid of it through any means and ways. We become fed up with war, can’t take it for granted. It is an urgent need of putting a full halt to the war as we want to represent Afghanistan to the world from another angle. New opening has been kicked off from the first day when the rule of Taliban collapsed—and the Afghan masses start exhibiting their talents via politics, sports, showbiz, social work, intellectual gathering and etc…. But the recent one was fantastic as the all-Afghan girl’s robotics team won the Rajaa Cherkaoui EI Moursli award for courageous achievements at the First Global Challenge in Washington. The six-member team, which arrived in the US over the weekend due to last-minute intervention from President Donald Trump, was the center of attention at the competition. The Afghan girls had twice been denied visas, but thanks to President Trump for making this possible. At real scenes they were our ambassadors, representing intellectual face of Afghanistan to the world. There is abundance of talented faces that has been blemished by the war.

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