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Editorial: New trend of violence on Pakhtoon’s

Amidst results oriented peace efforts on the part of US Special Representative Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, commencing of new trend of violence on the soil of Pakhtoons across the Durand Line is not only alarming but a matter of serious concern. Days ago an activist of Pakhtoon Tahafuz Movement (PTM), Arman Looni was mysteriously killed allegedly by a high ranking police officials. Arman Looni a college Professor by profession was one amongst scores of PTM stalwarts who are on a peaceful sit in protest, denouncing recent deadly terrorist attack against Police complex, which had caused lives to over one dozen and injuries to around 20 others. It was the second deadly terrorist attack against any security forces (not regular army) complex in Loralayee area of Baluchistan province. Loralayee is dominated by Pakhtoons and adjacent to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Dera Ismael Khan region. Killing of PTM leader Ibrahim Arman Looni generated hate and unrest throughout Pakistan in particular and Pakhtoons in rest of the world in general. Unrest and tension through one or the other ways are being fuelled in Pakhtoon society from last several months when Ambassador Khalilzad initiated the ongoing peace efforts. Such peace efforts seems resulted in disturbance to certain circles in Pakistan who are considering “continue violence and unrest” beneficial to their motives economically, strategically and geographically. Since a long peace loving and democratic minded Pakistanis are showing resentments over Pakistan’s foreign policies especially policies towards Afghanistan. And they are pleading for its reshuffling which is believed to be in the interests of Pakistan and its people. These circles are voicing for cordial, friendly and brotherly relations not only with Afghanistan but pleading for trust-worthy links and relations amongst all four regional countries also included India and Iran. In return these circles are considered anti-state and their words harmful to what it called “interests of Pakistan.” Now it is very crystal clear that Pakistan’s people from particular mind set are losing its influence over militants-the militants originated from war against ex-Soviet Union. The recent major breakthrough in Doha Qatar now leads to paving the way for direct talks between Taliban and Afghan government or it’s constituted High Peace Commission. Such developments had made worried no other than “certain circles” across the Durand Line in Pakistan. In a bid to exploit the situation in favour of its interests, Pakistan, Russia and Iran are also too active. Couple of days back, Iran’s Foreign Minister had visited Islamabad, exchanged views on bilateral matters specially developments in Afghanistan. And Russian Federation’s special envoy Zamir Kabulov also completed his trip to Islamabad and after talks with high ranking officials, he said “we are satisfied with the recently-held substantive consultation between US and Taliban. The Pakistani partners once again confirmed their determination to closely cooperate with Russia both on bilateral issues and also the Afghan settlement. We discussed a whole number of events happening around Afghanistan.” But Zamir hinted that both Pakistan and Russia are not aware of the results, which confirm disturbances to both the partners. It is the time for all Afghans whether they are in Afghanistan or in other countries to remain very careful at this stage and join hands for foiling all attempts for sabotaging of Khalilzad led peace plan, which is in interests of Pakhtoons throughout the world. 

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