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Editorial: New US commander starts running Afghan war

US General Austin Scott Miller took over on Sunday command of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan in an official ceremony in Kabul – Gen. Miller succeeds Gen John Nicholson, who led the NATO and Resolute Support mission for over 2 years. Amid an escalation of insurgency by Taliban militants and as the Islamic State is gaining foothold in the country, the departing commander of U.S., Nicholson vowed that the coalition would stay with Afghans until peace was restored and a negotiated peace with the Taliban achieved. Miller, the new US commander said that Afghanistan cannot become a safe haven for terrorists again. He also vowed to bolster the Afghan security forces capability to bring stability in Afghanistan. According to Miller, NATO is here in Afghanistan to ensuing peace. He said they will continue their presence here.

The biggest question is not presence; it is elimination of terrorism. Afghan people and government totally praise efforts of international community and NATO forces in war on terror. But so far, no progress made in the fight against terrorists. Today, Afghanistan is more dangerous and more insecure comparing to 2002/2006 when US and NATO troops came to Afghanistan to eliminate Taliban insurgents, al-Qaeda terrorists and restore peace. Not this happened but the scenario got completely change, terrorist groups were not defeated but were remobilized and got strength more than before, in which challenging US and Afghan governments. Even US administration says they cannot defeat Taliban by use of military, and termed negotiation as best option –this is right, we also support dialogues as war brings nothing but devastation. The point is that US fight against terrorist networks is a failure as it did not defeat militant outfits in the past 17-year. Why we failed this is a big question and till when we should suffer by losing our dearest and nearest one is bigger question. We are entirely thankful to international community and US for their support to Afghanistan. At the same time we want them to inform the troubled Afghans that when peace and security would be restored. When there would be no bombing, as we suffered a lot. All expectation goes to the new leadership in commend of NATO and US forces with hope that Miller to take the issue of terrorism with countries sponsoring them. It is a mistake to chase militants in provinces and villages of Afghanistan because they are outside of Afghanistan.

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