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Editorial: New wave of pandemic new threat in Afghanistan

As security situation is getting worse and Taliban insurgents are carrying out attacks in civilians and government forces in different areas since the foreign withdrawal process began early this month, the increase of Corona virus outbreak is now considered as an addition to the people’s concerns across the country. According to reports issued by the ministry of public health, 505 positive cases of the pandemic were registered on Thursday alone, while another 406 cases were reported on Friday, which is a big number and frightens the people who at least not thinking about the danger of the disease even since the beginning of the epidemic in February last year.Officials in the ministry of public health said Thursday that the pandemic recently increased as people came from India which is combating with the virus that takes the infects thousands of people and takes the lives of hundreds on daily basis.The government in general and the public health bodies in particular are content with reporting and of the number of infected people, while they are responsible to take preventive measures and to save people from the threat. There is no enough amount of vaccine to immunize people and informative measures are fewer to make people aware of the disease.Poor and tired people who are fighting to be alive from the ongoing war and increased poverty and joblessness now need to fight in another front too.The government needs to provide vaccines and launch national vaccination campaign and enhance awareness programs. This time people will certainly take the danger of Corona virus serious as they witnessed last year that their friends and relatives passed away due to the disease.If the government thinks that quarantine is necessary to prevent the pandemic, then it should provide people with every essential to keep them satisfied of the lockdown, not like last year’s assistance program which really humiliated people. People like the former health minister who reportedly fled the country after misusing millions of dollars assisted to provide essential equipment like oxygen, ventilators and other equipment. The money should be spent in a transparent way so that patients and the public health sector can use it in fighting against the calamity that threatens humanity.If the concerns are not taken serious and the government remains careless, more people will be victims of another tragedy beside war and bloodshed and the country will witness a new crisis probably this time more dangerous than the past year.

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