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Editorial: Nice to hear

It seems that the Taliban insurgents have miserably failed to resolve their inner rifts, and indeed this is great news for the Afghan people. The resume of rifts between the two groups of the Taliban insurgents projecting huge ambiguity among them that would lead to their destruction—again a great glad tiding for the Afghan mass who have lost their dearest and nearest ones in several evil acts by the Taliban insurgents. We want the group to be reduced in several pieces. In an apparent revenge attack, recently a Taliban fighter from Mullah Rasoul’s group detonated his explosives among a group of fighters from rival Taliban faction led by Mullah Haibatullah. At least four Taliban insurgents were killed in the suicide attack. The attack comes that at least five Taliban fighters were killed and four others received injures in the initial suicide car bombing occurred in Greshk some days ago—that was against Mullah Rasoul’s men. However, recently other Taliban fighters killed in revenge attack. Nice to hear this, they (Taliban) have been killed a large number of people in the past 16 years in their irrational war. The worst victim was civilians. The people of Afghanistan willing to see this rift between the Taliban insurgents to be enlarged to such an extent that they (Taliban) doesn’t find time to carry out attacks against civilians, and the Afghan security forces. They group have done numerous of bad things, now it’s time to pay price for it. The killing of Taliban fighters by other members is just like winning a lottery that puts an end to all miseries. In other hand this is also a great slap in the face of those countries helping the Taliban insurgents. Certainly, some regional players are supporting and harboring militants. Sans their hold up not only Taliban insurgents, but other militant outfits could also not last a week—that’s why militants instead of getting weak, are making bigger. The recent waves of attacks in Kabul, the capital city that killed and wounded more than 700 residents—would have been impossible to be carried out without regional backing to the militant group. Soon after attack, the National Directorate of Security (NDS) said that Pakistan’s spy agency supported Haqqani Terrorist Network to carry out attack. Anyways, the Taliban insurgents have already broken to too many parts, and soon there would be no group by this name. At the same time, the Afghan security forces are bravely fighting insurgency across the country, and already proved bitter taste for them. In reality, the killing of Taliban members by another Taliban is grand news that at somehow helps to heal the pain of Afghan masses received in their (Taliban) attacks.

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