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Editorial: No concession on ANDSF!

US negotiators have been pressing the Taliban to agree and enter into intra-Afghan talks, meaning with the Kabul government, and declare a ceasefire—but reports to cease support to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) was brushed false and rather the US reaffirmed support to defend them now and after any agreement with the Taliban group. This is clear sign of death for those who wanted disbandment of the ANDSF, like many was up to. Long Live to ANDSF! After the collapse of Taliban regime, they gradually shaped, and in 2014 shouldered control of war in Afghanistan from foreign forces. They are doing outstanding till today. Killing dozens of Taliban and other militants on a daily basis. They are fighting evil forces with highest moral of patriotism. Despite rendering huge sacrifices on the line of duty, men and women in uniform are proudly defending their motherland with great zeal. The young battled-hardened soldiers see themselves on the front lines of rescuing Afghanistan from predatory neighbors and malicious insurgents. For more than four decades now, outsiders—some of the neighboring countries – have not allowed Afghans to live peacefully, and the masses see ANDSF as only weapon to defend the country from any sorts of aggression so the nation could rebuild its country. The Afghans have seen notable success in the fight against terrorists, as they (ANDSF) are even praised by international community for being on the front line of war in a bid to even defend the global countries from terrorist threats. Afghan security forces are fighting terrorist groups for the sake of peace in the world and in behalf of all countries in the globe. This must be kept in mind of all stakeholders in the Afghan peace process that no compromise over them is acceptable or even possible. Thanks to the US, as it made it clear through his peace envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad, who rejected propaganda spreading regarding cease of support to ANDSF. It made it very clear that no one should be intimidated or fooled by propaganda. The dissolution of and compromise over ANDSF is not possible, and the Taliban group must forget this rubbish pipedream of theirs. Some countries who are afraid of strong wings of Afghan security forces, they must remember that Afghans are mature enough and would never repeat past blunders, especially in maintaining their brave Afghan Security Forces. They are central pillar of the counterinsurgency campaign and this could be more effective when more assistance is provided to them. With that keeping in mind, more efforts are the need of the hour to improve and facilitate the Afghan military, police and intelligence services.

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