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Editorial: No Deal On Durand Line!

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs has suggested to keep the issue of Durand Line at bay for now as it is not a good time to raise the subject with Pakistan. But, some Afghan politicians recently made remarks on the Line which hurt sentiments of Afghans across the country. Individuals and governments cannot make a decision about the fate of the Durand Line because it is “a very big issue”. Afghanistan has never accepted the Durand Line as the main border with Pakistan, and both the former and incumbent governments rejected its recognition. Afghanistan needs to first finalize the issue of peace with the Taliban and with Pakistan. No one could neglect the fact that the Durand Line demarcated by the previous British rulers for meeting its nefarious designs is a controversial issue, and its resolution is rest with the people living on its both sides. At the time of Durand agreement signing, Afghanistan was weak. Not only the signatory Amir Abdul Rahman Khan but also almost of leaders at that time were helpless and depending in British colonial rulers. And that is the reason when all Afghans have time and again rejected the Durand Line agreement since its inception on November 12, 1893. The Afghans have demonstrated their opposition to this agreement in 1905 and 1919 agreements signed between Afghanistan and British colonial rulers. On such grounds, Afghanistan had shown resentment over divisions of Sub Continent in 1947. Even Pakistan backed Taliban regime had opposed Pakistan’s intentions of signing a new border agreement. Unfortunately, due to one or other reasons, especially due to intrigues on the part of US lead allied countries included United Kingdom and Pakistan, Afghanistan fell into internal hostilities in 70’s. As a result, Afghanistan suffered a lot and its huge populace went depending in Pakistan. Now particular mindset of Pakistan dominated by civil military establishment intends to forcibly declare the controversial Durand Line as a permanent border between the two countries. The most recently conference in Islamabad, called as Lahore Process was meant to convince the participants from Afghanistan to recognize the Durand Line as permanent international border. But all these elements are under-mining the fact that Durand Line had not only made disintegrated the Afghan nation but it had made divided the families. Instead of injecting forcibly its own choices, Pakistan must realize the facts. The facts are that no one can break up blood relations amongst the humans. The Dutch’s divided into several European countries, loves to be called as Dutch’s. Similar is the position of Arabs, Bengalis, Kurds and others. Pakistan instead of forcing Afghanistan to bow, must help in evolve a European like system whereas the Afghans living on both sides of Durand Line could meet each other’s without any restrictions and sanctions.

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