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Editorial: No major gain

16 years have passed from the 9/11 incident, but the al-Qaeda terrorist network has yet to be eliminated rather it is back as the terrorists in their latest Kabul bombing, killed and wounded more than 600 people. The deadly bombing was masterminded by al-Qaeda terrorists, while setting in its safe havens in Pakistan. It has been more than a decade since al-Qaeda launched the deadliest terrorist attack in US, killing 3,000 people. In a speedy move, the US government vowed revenge. But, does al-Qaeda real damage and US really revenged the deaths—surely not. If the group is not stronger as it was before 9/11, but the group still strong to carry out attacks, killing people in Afghanistan—a country where US and international forces entered to fight insurgency.  It is a fact that US is here to fight al-Qaeda, and other terrorists, but it is also a fact that they’re hideouts are not inside Afghanistan. US also realized this. US President in his new strategy said that his country will no longer be silent over militant’s safe havens in Pakistan. So this great, and we want US administration to translate his words into action, and pressurize Pakistan till to shun supporting and harboring insurgent groups. At the same time, the Afghan masses are the worst victim of the war on terror. Most of these groups are engaged in protracted, bloody civil wars that demand all of their attention and resources. None can deny that Afghanistan continue to bear the brunt of terrorism and has suffered more than any other nation. We are at front-line in combating terrorism, and we are rendering huge sacrifices for the sack of world peace. Despite, our brave and patriot Afghan security forces, the Afghan civilians are also the worst victims of the ongoing war on terror. Don’t get it wrong, the brave Afghan forces are killing terrorists nationwide, but at the same time become targets by the coward attack of the enemies. There is no denying to the fact that Taliban and other militant outfits lost influence to face Afghan forces in battlefield, that’s why carrying evil attacks even in public places. Not to be astray, US has been failed to remove al-Qaeda, and bring a durable peace and stability in the country. Moreover, Islamic State (IS), also known as Daesh terrorist, emerged under the very nose of US in Afghanistan. This is 16 years now that US has been engaged in Afghanistan military without any significant result. US have been helping Afghanistan a lot, and we do appreciate it. However, the key thing that’s the elimination of terrorists, have still remained in doldrums. Since we are the victims, so we appeal the US rather to stand honestly and provide state-of-the-art weaponries to the Afghan forces, or leave us. We are not mistake of the history, we know how to survive. No more room left for Afghans to bear the brunt of causalities anymore. After the collapse of Taliban regime there was hope among Afghans for lasting peace, but it is a distant dream now. US have to feel the pain of Afghans and take key measure in fight against terror. According to some statistics, currently up to 20 terrorist groups are active in different parts of Afghanistan to destabilize security situation. US gain no big wings in security sector as we hoped as terrorist outfits are growing. US have to come up to the fore with a comprehensive effort to eliminate terrorist, and provide a peaceful atmosphere for the trouble Afghan masses to breathe in. It is worth mentioning that as long as terrorist outfits remain as strong as they are, a risk of another major attack like 9/11, or deadlier than that, is still much higher. Further negligence would be more deadly.

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