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Editorial: No more to illegal arms, cars   

Regardless of their positions, everyone is going to be held accountable for carrying illegal arms and cars if found guilty during a week-long campaign. The aim of this campaign is to collect the illegal weapons as part of the Ministry of Interior’s efforts to curb violence in Kabul. Indeed, this is not an easy task as police in its first day of the campaign already faced some challenges as powerful wings and some government officials opposed to remove the black plastic sheeting from their cars’  windows. But one thing is for must that none is above the law. Everyone from President Ashraf Ghani to ordinary Afghans have to obey by the law. It is very sad to learn that some powerful people are not act upon the law. None should undermine the importance of such campaign, because illegal arms and tinted cars are most driver of the violence, including murder, kidnapping, robbery, blackmailing, threatening people, especially the rich ones to death or abduction their family members if they refuse to regularly pay them a certain amount, and other act of crimes which is too deadly for Kabul residents. Recently 10-member of a single family was murdered in Kabul. Who is responsible for this in-human act? The answer is very much clear and that’s illegal armed people. The illegal armed individual entered a house in Khair Khana are in northern part of Kabul, killing 10 of the family, including women and children. Now the interior ministry wants to end to such brutality in the future and collecting illegal arms and cars is need of the hour. The ministry expressed hope that the campaign would result into reducing the threat of illegal arms to a great extent until zero. We, the Afghans taking this campaign as a glad tiding in which after this none could carry arms without permission. It doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to have arms for your safety. People who need arms should take license from the Ministry of Interior. There is no denying to the fact that half of the current insecurity is because of the presence of thousands of illegal armed individual in the capital and other cities across the country. This is dismal situation for commoners. Though this strategy is seen optimistically in helping decrease of insecurity, but the public’s support in this campaign is as important as oxygen to human. Government plus public support is significant to all area, including fight against terrorists, corruption, injustice, and other tribulations we are currently facing.

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