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Editorial: No room for discrimination

There is no room for discrimination among Afghans. Unity among Afghan people, irrespective that belongs to which tribes, can be taken as a sole weapon in rebuilding our motherland and get rid of current challenges. By unity, we can stand and defiantly fall if lose it. Unity is only remedy that cure pain of the already troubled Afghans that have been sustaining for more than three decades of conflict.

But, who is the watchdog to see whether unity is still at large, or this significant gismo is lose shining? Without doubt, it is the government that by hiring employees from different tribesmen, ensures maintaining unity and prevents any kind of discrimination in every sector. Unfortunately, at somehow, the National Unity Government (NUG), despite security, economic, and other failures, has also miscarried to keep unity among Afghan masses. A very high-profile government officials recently blamed President Ashraf Ghani for fueling discrimination. The First Vice President Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, said “President Ghani is happy when someone who speaks Pashto language, especially with Logari accent.”

He did not stop here, as he called the Chief Executive Officer, Abdullah Abdullah “a weak person” and also lacking good fame among Afghan people.

Such claim, could not be irrational, because numerous current and former officials have criticized the incumbent government for creating discrimination. According to them, the two leadersare making all-out efforts to hair employee from their own tribes. However, this trend has created a very much obstacles, especially for Afghan security forces. Lack of coordination between two leaders—Ghani and Abdullah, and also hiring of unqualified people on key security posts based on nepotism is the sole reason behind intensifying of insecurity.The other day, the US, NATO troop’s commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Nicholson termed poor leadership in certain level as a key reason behind surge in Afghan security casualties.

Moreover, Ahmad Zia Masoud, President’s special representative for reforms and good governance, indirectly blamed leaders of the government for discriminations.

“It benefits nothing that today I am in the government and hire all Tajik tribes in the government posts. And also it brings no good if our Pashtoon brothers, who are on top government post fill all government positions of Pashtun tribes,” he told a gathering in Panjshir province.

It is required that both leaders, should stop fueling discrimination and instead work for the national unity. We want peace not division. Both the leaders, shall not turn a blind eye over the issue, and must put indefatigable efforts to keep unity among different tribes nationwide.

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