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Editorial: No room for sectarian war

There has been fighting for more than three decades in Afghanistan with leaving huge numbers of Afghan masses killed and wounded. At current time, there are more than 20 terrorist outfits, all of them hell-bent on killing Afghan civilians and military personnel. We have rendered huge sacrifices in the war against terror. During anarchy, one thing which was remained constant was unity among different tribes of Afghan people—from Kandahar to Badakhshan, and from Herat to Nangarhar. Unity was and has been here and no force in the surface of this planet could tear down this unity. Unfortunately, this week was a black and bloody for Afghanistan as innocent civilians beside security forces targeted in all recent attacks from Paktia to Ghazni, from Kandahar to Ghor and Kabul provinces. We had fatalities this week. We are deeply saddened by losing our security forces—a true son of this soil, and civilians, including women and children that have been bearing the brunt of casualties sine longtime. Only on Friday’s mosque attack more than 70 worshipers have been martyred and more than 55 other received injures in two separate suicide attacks in Kabul, the capital city, and western Ghor province. This is not first incident in its nature as insurgents in the past attacked mosques across the country. Soon after attack, Islamic State (IS) also known as Daesh terrorists claimed responsibility for Kabul mosque attack, in which 56 worshippers killed, leaving dozens of Afghans mourning their losses. Indeed, it is a coward attack on worshippers in holy place like mosque. Attacking particular mosques by Daesh is totally indication that they want us to be fallen into sectarian war—an evil issue which has no history in our country. Daesh’s aim with support by spy agencies of some neighboring countries are trying to foment a war between majority of Sunnis and Shiite, but this dream of them would be dashed to the ground, as it is already dashed. The more they (Daesh insurgents) attack our mosques the more unity among us would enlarge. Through the course of history, Afghan masses avoided sectarian conflict. We are mature enough to deal with any sort of conspires designed by enemies to separate us apart. But this evil dream of the enemies will never come true. All tribes in Afghanistan have been living like brothers and sister. Our unity is a great slap in the face of Daesh terrorists and its sponsoring states. This also conveys a great message that there is no room in Afghanistan for sectarian war. We are well-aware that sectarianism benefits none, but the sworn enemies. Daesh militants should bear in mind that what they are doing by name of Islam, has no link with this holy religion. Muslim would never bomb Muslims, but Daesh repeatedly did this, showing terrorist have no religion. The National Unity Government (NUG) has making indefatigable efforts to restore peace and stability in Afghanistan. It is time for the NUG to show no mercy to those who kill innocent people even in mosques. These merciless killers deserve neither peace nor mercy and must be destroyed.

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