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Editorial: No time for discrimination

It is crystal fact that there is no internal misunderstanding among different Afghan ethnicities nationwide, and unity was and will remain always among us. There is no space or room for discrimination, and those who are making attempt to infiltrate this disease into normal life of the Afghan masses, is our biggest enemy that has to be triggered to the court. This would be very unwise if someone to say that there is no unity, rather we proved this in difficult times. When the Islamic State (IS), also known as Daesh terrorist group targeted particular ethnic masses to stimulate discrimination among Afghan tribes, but this evil designs of the militants was dashed to the ground after receiving iron hand of the Afghans with unity on the horizon. When our worshippers were martyred in different mosques, every Afghans regardless of who the victim were, stood in solidarity with them, proving we were and are one nation. There are more than 20 terrorist groups in Afghanistan, all of them are hell-bent on killing Afghans, in the meantime making enormous efforts to smash the chain of unity among Afghans—a desire they (militants) will dig it with them to the graves. However, we don’t have time for such things; we have lived like brothers and sisters in the course of history, and will live like this forever. The new generation of Afghanistan is not even thinking of such narrow fad; rather youths are working collectively for the development of sciences and technology in order to meet the challenges of modern times. Moreover, we are working to improve agriculture productions and develop the agricultural technology sector, noting the fact that Afghanistan is an agricultural state, having vast farming lands. We can reach economy self-sufficiency, if fundamentally improve our culture sectors, leaving underground and mineral resources that definitely plays huge role once extracted. Furthermore, our government struggling to educate our girls and boys, as only by educated countrymen and women, we can steer our country toward development and prosperity. Though, education system remains fragile as a result of longtime wars, but also rapidly improving. So all of us, Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, Aimak, Turkmen, Baloch, Pashai, Nuristani, and others ethnic groups, have no time for ethnic tension, or any sort of discrimination. We are all Afghans and will put indefatigable efforts to rebuild our motherland. The good news is that President Ashraf Ghani said that discrimination against residents of the country is unacceptable and the government is to take action over the issue. “Our society doesn’t’ need discrimination, it doesn’t allow it.” President Ghani, surely we, as Afghans will never allow any type of discrimination in our society. Many of us believe that the real man is the one who has money, wealth and respect, but don’t’ forget that this comes when there is unity, and mutual respect. By unity, we can live a peaceful, non-violent and more important, united and prosperous life—this is what we want. We are proud that Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic country where several beliefs, mentalities and mindsets are cherished and individuals live a peaceful life with the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood. Our unity is a great slap in the face of enemies, and none can wobble this. Can’t turn blind eye over current challenges in the country, but when it is a matter of unity and national interests, there is no doubt we are one nation and unity will be here always—none can destroy it.

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