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Editorial: None can inflict sectarian war

Insurgent attacks have been escalated. Casualties among military and civilians are high. Children and women are among killed and wounded. As a whole the Afghan civilians have been bearing the brunt of casualties with losing of their dearest and nearest one in several disagreeable incidents. In many ups and downs situation, the Afghan masses have never turned blame finger toward each other’s, but blamed militant outfits behind uncertainty. When Shia minority was targeted, all the Afghan masses were condoled and stand beside them, reciprocally when Sunnis were targeted. Entirely, Afghan masses across the country always stood in solidarity with each other in every situation, especially, whenever a heart-wrenching incident takes place. Viewing this, one thing is very much clear that we are united in every situation, and this chain of unity can’t be broken down as enemies of the country is employing every available effort to reduce it in several piece. Through targeting a particular ethnicity in Afghanistan, the enemies are willing to fuel sectarian war, but they are in day dreaming. In the past they tried level best, but failed wholly, and will in the future as well. This would never happens, as the Afghan people are enough mature to deal with enemies conspiracies. Surely, the Afghans will not let the evil designs of the enemies to see light of the day by standing shoulder to shoulder with each others. In its recent attempts, two attackers entered the Shia mosque, full of worshipers, during Tuesday evening, opened fire and detonated two suicide improvised explosives devices, leaving 31 civilians dead and wounded over 60 others. This was an absolute atrocity against unarmed civilians, and this attack was completely in contrary to the Islamic teachings and human principles. At real scenes it was massacres of worshipers and has not justification at any law in the globe. We all understand that this was a sectarian violence against a specific community, but it is abhorrent in its highest level. So far no group claimed responsibility, but in the past Islamic State (IS), also known as Daesh terrorist claimed responsibility for attacks against Shia mosques and religious gatherings. Yesterday’s attack in Herat province is the fifth attack this year targeting Shia mosques, killing a total of at least 44 civilians and injuring at least 88, according to UNAMA. But the motivating point is that the more enemies are trying to create division among Afghan masses ethnically, and religiously, the more Afghan masses are coming closer to each other. Soon after Mosque attack, a large number of Shias and Sunnis of Herat province rushed to the hospital to donate bloods. Indeed, this move have been a great slap in the face of enemies, and an utterly failure to their mission of division. Noting this, it is obvious that none can inflict the sectarian war in Afghanistan, absolutely no one.

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