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Editorial: Not a wasteland state

After two decades of U.S. warfare in Afghanistan, nobody has ever thought to heap in such a period of hopelessness. There is no thinkable scenario in Afghanistan after the U.S. troops withdraw due to intensification of war, and the government losing territory and also soldiers. Nearly 100 Afghan security forces have been captured by the Taliban in an unprecedented wave of clashes lingering across the country by the Taliban fighters. No information about the fate of these soldiers – alive or dead – but it will definitely provoke further anti-Taliban sentiments and the Afghan security forces will try their best to take revenge. Terrible news continues floating from across the country. An army helicopter went don’t in Wardak, three on board died. Taliban fighters attacked a group of mine-clearing workers in Baghlan, killing 10 and leaving at least 16 injured. Extreme fighting has been ongoing in every province, and Afghanistan has been the scene of intense fighting between the Afghan security forces and Taliban fighters in recent months, with the insurgents have accelerated planting roadside bombs that have often ended up killing or wounding civilians. There is no good news at all, even government officials are publicly conceding casualties among the Afghan forces. In some cases, the failure of sending ground and air support on time has caused casualties that also lead to the collapse of the district. There would be several districts or even provinces at the brink of collapse if the shortage of reinforcement and air support was not addressed in immediate time. Heart goes out of hearing of daily killing of innocent people. There were constant violent attacks in the past, but it has surged since May 1, when the US administration began to withdraw its troops. This was the wish of the Taliban to force the foreign troops out of the country, but what makes it rational to carry or intensify attacks against the Afghans instead of providing platforms to create conducive conditions for the ongoing peace talks which has been ignored completely. The time has come for the Afghans, both those who are living in Kabul or in Qatar, to show responsibility and determination to help restore security and take active part in construction and reconstruction of the country. It has been over four decades that the Afghans have suffered in silence, a never-ending tragedy that destroyed the country. The Afghan and Taliban negotiating members can stop Afghanistan from being a wasteland to a peaceful and united country which is possible through a compromise political settlement.

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