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Editorial: Not acceptable at all

Pakistan passed a bill to merge FATA to KP–the adoption of the twenty-fifth amendment act of 2018 abolishes the separate status of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). Nevertheless, is it a rational move—is it something for betterment of the tribal people or just another act of deceives by the central government of Pakistan. At the same time, there is possibility of other evil deigns which is engineering by the Pakistani authorities sitting in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. If it is so, they will not conquer in their vicious plan. Since, we consider FATA people as our own and don’t accept Durand Line as an official border, the Afghan people firmly stands with FATA people and will not leave them alone at any time and circumstance. The government of Afghanistan already criticized Pakistan’s decision for the merger of FATA with KP; something goes against the 1921 agreement between Afghanistan and the British India. Pakistan was not exists in that time and any decision in such context must be discussed with Afghan government. Afghanistan shared its concern over military interference and unilateral decision of Pakistan regarding reforms in FATA with the international community. The merger has surfaced at a critical time when the tribal belts are under military dominion. This, in the face of current fragile situation in Pakistan, could also be resulted in more tribal hatred and schism. Pakhtunkhwa Millie Awami Party Chief, Mohammad Khan Achakzai already warned Pakistan to exercise extreme caution while dealing with FATA. It is very sensitive issue as Achakazai said Pakistani army killed thousands of people in FATA, and Pakistan has been making efforts to hide its great atrocities committed against them. With this, it is crystal clear that people in FATA are not happy with Pakistani military establishment, and the merger is absolutely against wishes of people there. But Pakistani authorities passed the bill without inclusion a single person to represent FATA people in the decision. There could be several dimensions behind, but one of it could be, or possibly because of Durand Line. But this evil dream of the Pakistani government will never see light of the day. This decision will not put impact on the historical facts of Durand Line, because Afghan masses have ever and will never accepts this line. It is just a line as its name also points to it “Durand Line”. The Afghan government and the people will not back down from their stands over Durand Line.

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