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Editorial: Not in scary stability

Afghanistan today is different from what it was yesterday. Today our flag is waving at our every consulate across the world. We are internationally a new brand and big supporter of peace in the world. Today we have achieved a measure of political, security and economic stability. This is based on tireless efforts of our country’s leadership who are making indefatigable efforts to push Afghanistan toward more stability. Meanwhile, can’t ignore drawdown, indicting we have long road to catch up full stability. Our current stability is delicate and incomplete. We have fragile security and economic situations. However, that is another issue, and the government is currently busy patching-up it. Externally, there are impending threats to Afghanistan’s stability which require a dynamic response. We are on that path—giving tit-for-tat response to our enemies. But what about internal elements that have been threatening our stability—not talking about terrorism and extremist violence as they (extremist groups) are number one in that list. My point is to those Afghan influential figures that giving remarks which go against national interest. Recently, Sayed Hamid Gilani was accused of having links with the notorious Haqqani Network—a Pakistan-based terrorist group, involved in different deadly attacks in which martyred and wounded dozens of innocent Afghan masses. Though Gilani, the Chairman of Mahaz-e-Milli party, totally brushed aside the report of his links with the terrorist group, but what about his previous statement, showing love to the enemies by saying Taliban leadership is inside Afghanistan. “We no longer accept rumors that Taliban leadership is outside the country. The government says this because of weakness and they can’t do anything else. Most of the Taliban leaders are inside the country.” With due respect, a very shameful and irresponsible statement, he made. Opposition to the government is not meant to be a play-boy in foreign hands. It has been a patent reality known to the entire world that presence of the Taliban leadership and their training and fundraising centers have been in Pakistan—the hostile neighbor that has been supporting and harboring various terrorist groups since decades. The government knows better how to deal with foreign enemies, but inner circles should also be held accountable for their irresponsible remarks. On Wednesday, Atta Mohammad Noor, the ousted Balkh governor, also made irresponsible remarks by saying if central government adopted military option to unseat him, the army would be divided. No need to explain current friction between Noor and the Presidential Palace. We all know, his (Noor’s) resignation leads to so many problems. Suppose that Noor is right, but it not rational to make it public. Army is a backbone of a country; none has the right to talk negatively over it. It is a big crime. We are proud of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces—an iron hand that given bitter taste to the Pakistani-backed militants. The National Unity Government has to make serious action against officials and Afghan influential figures that goes or pass comments against the national interests. Let’s teach everybody that business of the state could not be run on might is right. Everyone must bear in mind that no group, can frighten the current stability. We are not in fully stability, but ready to defend the half of it in dream of reaching complete stability one day. Nothing is impossible; we will reach political and economic stability by removing steeplechaser on our way.

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