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Editorial: Nowhere is safe for Afghans

Afghan people are actually the most vulnerable in the world, more helpless than Yemenis, Iraqis and Syrians. Syrians are witnessing the flames of the war for five years and the war in Iraq in its eighth or ninth year and they are noticed as the war-hit people and are welcomed in the European countries despite some crimes they commit in the host countries.

Afghans are experiencing a four-decade ruinous war that has left nothing unhurt. These people have to be killed in a foreigners’ proxy war if they stay home. And they have to suffer harassment, disgrace and insult if they decide to migrate to the neighboring countries or to Europe to escape the danger of death.

Afghan migrants were threatening a mental harassment by the European authorities since the influx of migration in July or August last year, while the Syrians were welcomed by roses and chocolates. Afghans were told in each country in Europe that they would be expelled back. Recently, the European officials have completely closed the doors of Europe for Afghan migrants.

A seven-year old Afghan girl was reportedly raped by a teenager Iranian boy this week in Iran and then the rapist killed the girl.

And Pakistan has recently banned those Afghans without visas of entering Pakistan.

Europeans have probably forgotten that it was Afghans used as a shield to save them from the Soviet giant. The Soviet Union would capture western and northern Europe if it was not defeated in the 1980s Afghan war. Afghans have been always friendly and honest with Europe but are not granted asylum, while the Arabs commit terrorist attacks soon after receiving asylum (Paris attackers were identified Syrian nationals).

Afghans’ fight against the Soviet Union was fruitful for the neighboring countries too as the Kremlin had planned to reach the Indian Ocean. If the Soviet was not defeated in the Afghan war, today there was no country by the name of Pakistan to tease Afghans who mostly go there for medical treatment which is in the benefit of Islamabad.

Renowned with hospitality, Afghans are not familiar with mistreatment by the hosts and this is disappointing for them to see such behavior.

Considering these problems, Afghans do not know what to do? Should they die or injure in the insider war of attrition or get be disrespected, forcibly deported, raped and be killed in the host countries where we need friendship, help and sympathy.

These issues have made Afghans the most vulnerable and helpless people.

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