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Editorial: Obey people’s will

Peace is now a dream word for a nation who has past 41 years of its life under the shadow of war, the sound of gun, rocket and bomb and the fear of losing loved ones anytime. Some people, especially the young generations who were born and grew up during the war years, less believe peace is achievable and think that this is their fate to spend days and nights in war.

The leaders of the country have held different programs to convince armed opposition groups to abandon war and join their brothers and sisters in a peaceful space.

The recent effort was calling a Loya Jirga that President Ghani and his government claimed would find the key for peace by convincing Taliban to accept talking with the government over peace. Mr. Ghani’s efforts are appreciable, but he seems to choose a bumpy road to peace. If our respectful president really wants to dedicate his time and energy for bringing peace to his motherland which he claims to “crazily” love, he needs to think and see what is more timely, effective, clear and paved way to the peace.

The most effective way that is acceptable for everyone is the intra-Afghan dialogue. Taliban have frequently refused to hold negotiations with the government, but they sat with the Afghan politicians to discuss ways for peace. This is clear that the Jirga which ended on Friday was a symbolic event that declared all the government words. The Jirga’s 23-article resolution had nothing new and useful. Journalists who were covering the Jirga quote participants as saying that government officials and presidential office’s employees in particular were in the 50 committees to dictate what government wants and silence members with opposition opinions. This is not what people want, and is a kind of insulting our national institute that has been respected as a body resolving big problems in the course of history.

The Jirga was called when the peace efforts already began with the help of international community, while it should have been called before the efforts to advise different parties for peace.

The president has no aim for convening the Jirga except misusing it as a campaign tool as all the political leaders, civil society activists and ordinary people are well aware. Peace is not important for Mr. Ghani as he shows opposition to the efforts by different acts.

If Dr. Ghani really wants to have public support and leave a good memory in public opinion and in history, he needs to obey the people’s will, and people’s will is nothing except holding intra-Afghan negotiations. People believe that nobody is honest to Afghan peace as much as Afghans, so Mr. Ghani is requested to listen to people’s voice.

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