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Editorial: Observe rules and regulations

Undoubtedly, Afghanistan has its rule and regulation have to be observed by all Afghans, including government officials. The leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG) shouldering immense responsibility ahead of its nation aimed at pushing the county toward peace and stability—provide facilities to them. To do so, the NUG has picked up its cabinet members to make way easier to address the need of people. Surly, the ministers and other governmental officials have to discharge their obligation honestly and transparently, and are accountable in front NUG leaders, and the leaders are accountable for its nation. We want everything from the government—would stand along with it to gain it. Peace, prosperity, work opportunity and other social amenities are the key demand of the Afghan masses. Mostly, we want the government to uproot militancy. In status-quo, there are huge obstacles, and the government should have done more. People’s cooperation with the government is of utmost importance. The Afghan people across the country should have seen the warning signs immediately informs the related organizations. We must contribute to our society, if willing to see a peaceful motherland. There is a need to watch every steps and warned the authorities in case of suspicions. People contact to government is only way to solve our current problems. The people should have taken this seriously as it is a legitimate concern. Certainly, it is the duty of everyone in the country to report possible radicalization among the society aimed at preventing terror attacks. It is not the end, they should also be active in other areas, and be cooperative with the government. We can’t turn blind eye over that fact that Afghanistan is under great pressure of external powers. Today’s Afghanistan is wide open to the influence of outsiders. However, the nations support behind the government would defiantly spoil any sort of conspiracies. But, something which hurts people is when some officials are closing eyes from instructions. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Abdullah Abdullah accused some government institutions of ignoring his orders. All government organizations are responsible to the NUG leadership under Afghanistan’s constitution. This is really bad. We have President Ashraf Ghani, and CEO Abdullah Abdullah which all ministers and other officials have to follow their orders without any excuse. They are our leaders, and it would consider crime to overlook them. Thought, NUG have failed in several front in delivering facilities to the people they way they should do, and this is a fact that the government should accept it. Differences between public and government have also enlarged, and this is not in benefit of either. Government officials have to follow the orders of their leaders aimed at betterment of the easily broken situation of the country. Afghanistan is going through uncertainty—to remove it, we have to work collectively as a team.

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