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Editorial: Only Afghans can bring peace

Undoubtedly, we, only the Afghan masses can bring peace and stability to our motherland. We have to pin high hope on our own capacity—both military and civilian areas. We will bring peace one day via hard working. It is not impossible. Despite some of our neighboring countries don’t like to see peace to be returned to this land—but will bring it because there is will among every Afghans. One thing is very much clear that flame of war will soon cross the threshold to those countries which are not honest in the fight against terror. Anyways, getting back to the inner problem, it is clear that only replacement of security officials would not bring peace, nor it ends war. There is an urgent need of change in security mechanisms instead of substitute. If this trend was worked, today Afghanistan would be the safest place in the surfaced of the world. Heaps of security officials changed, but war still looming at large. Not only worked, but turned situation more complicated. What is happening nationwide is clear as daylight. Insurgents increased their war, some districts fall down, and civilians massacred in the most brutal manner. Though the district retaken back from insurgents control, but caused both human and property losses at highest level. The recent massacre of civilians in Mirza-Olang village of northern Sar-e-Pul province was the worst incident ever. Noting this, there is need of change in security strategy rather than changing officials. Interior minister changed again. Since the establishment of National Unity Government, Wais Barmak would be the third interior minister. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has appointed a new minister-designate for the Ministry of Interior as efforts are underway to introduce new faced and youths in the cabinet—something which is very much appreciated by the Afghans. We are not opposing the appointment, what we keep eye is about result. We don’t see good outcome from these reallocates. Security situation is deteriorating day to day. War in Afghanistan is prolonging, with no end in sight. Without a basic level of security, business investment, education, or trade cannot happen. All things depend on security. To bring security, related security officials have to fully communicate all sides and don’t let the sworn enemies to use security gap against us. It is a crystal fact that Afghan security forces are making headway. Taliban already lost influence to fight security forces face-to-face that’s why they (insurgents) are engaged in coward attacks such as targeting civilians in public and holy places like mosques. The Afghans masses will always stand shoulder to shoulder with Afghan security forces to eliminate all form of militancy, in a bid to leave at peace and prosperity. At the same time, it is the duty of government to find the grey areas, and immediately take action to resolve it.

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