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Editorial: Opportunity knocks only once

The era of peace opportunity has been unfold in such a mass way that everyone is looking optimistic. The twice call of the Taliban insurgents for peace talks, though not with Afghan government, but with US, even further created atmosphere, in which possibility of peace talks is getting more visible than ever before. What makes us more sanguine is the offer of unconditional talks with the Taliban—the open out of a comprehensive plan for peace by President Ashraf Ghani, could lead to reconciliation aimed at ending 16-year of war. The government has unveiled a clear proposition for unconditional talks with the Taliban as a political group. Even central government favored opening of a political office for the group in Kabul. Even Taliban would be allowed having their Afghani passports, traveling unrestrictedly, and to has access to media outlets, and have their families resettled with no security concerns. It is an extraordinary package of bonuses for the militant group. Even legal solution to release their prisoners and lift sanctions on them has been sought. But surely, respecting rule of law, and recognition of the Afghan government as a legitimate government is indispensable. Unflinching backing and cooperation of the international alliance is also in table in talks with the militants. With all these favorable parcels which guarantee Taliban’s every right, it is time for the militant group to nod and immediately contact Afghan government for a peaceful negotiation. The new peace policy of the government provides an opportunity to confront the Taliban’s truth for ending war, or still despite bundles of opportunities the insurgent outfit will continue its irrational war, where civilians are the most victims. Situation has been in flash point in the ongoing war, by one click and acceptance by the Taliban, all could change 100 percent towed better tomorrows. Instead of prolonging the war, the Taliban, being as Afghans, must play its part in orchestrating stringent reforms, and struggle for development that could open ways to overcome every other sorts of problem. We are bond with Taliban in different phases. We are interlinking with each others. Peace sans Taliban is impossibly. But, unfortunately, what will happen in case of rejection? Suggesting to at least thinking once before giving any statement in contradictory toward peace, because it could create a mindset that Taliban doesn’t has free-will in decision making. The rejection would be as overnight affair, rather there is third party playing games with them, and to reject talks through their tongue. Let’s be smart and move smartly in order not to be deceived in such away to be stamped in the history of dark period forever. The Taliban militant must bear in mind that ‘opportunity knocks only once’.

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