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Editorial: Optimism amidst stagnancy

Despite a faulty and stagnant economy and more frustratingly an aggravating extremist-induced violence all being unscrupulously imposed in high scales on the country, a fraction of spurring optimism is surfacing. People have pinned their hopes on the political elite. This sanguinity is thought to have stemmed from the assurances from the indefatigable people at the helm.

Afghanistan is experiencing the worst that a nation can experience. That’s true. But, it is the political elite who are struggling with perseverance. They have gained regional consensus on the Afghan problem. The political pandemonium could end if national and international harmony and regional political understanding and non-violence exist.

Afghanistan is bearing the brunt of militancy or as the president reckons it an “imposed war”. The situation is tantamount to mayhem. Militant guerillas can easily regroup and remobilize their forces against the country’s defense forces. Daesh is also gaining the mystique of an unstoppable force as it is ruthlessly targeting the civilian population. Internal political rifts are also of a tremendous concern. Unemployment too is a haunting problem, followed by alarming scales of brain drain.

The situation is quite perplexing that won’t allow for it is surprising that people are still hopeful. If there is a thinking that the country is going backwards; such thinking is obviously not helping us. No one desires a retrograde situation — rather people have burning desires for progress. That is optimism; an emboldening one in case of Afghanistan. In 2017, a survey showed a slight increase in public optimism, reversing downward trajectory of public trust on government and political elite.

The most optimistic of them all is that our government succeeded in concocting a robust foreign policy, as part of which Pakistan our hostile neighbor has been almost in binds situation and completely isolation. Internationally has been fettered very well.

As the duplicity of Pakistan continues to exist, the market share of that country inside Afghanistan is diminishing drastically, allowing new players such as Turkey, China, and India to replace. At present, Pakistan caught striving to overcome transit implements, enhance mutual trade and investment. We are no more landlocked country, and this is best answer and easiest way to explain why we are optimistic. This is the start point as already flinched Saudi Arabia to help Afghanistan in achieving peace. That could be another example, because Saudi’s role is imperative in bringing the Taliban to the table to talks. The aftermath is that the United States is picking up signs of interest from Taliban elements in exploring the possibility of talks with Kabul to end the longest war. This also made US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to make an unannounced visit to Afghanistan that supports the trend of being optimism.

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