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Editorial: Optimism for the NATO session

President Ashraf Ghani along with a large number of the government’s senior officials is in Warsaw to participate at the NATO summit being held in the capital of one of the former members of the Eastern Bloc.

The NATO leaders are reported to promise for the continuation of their assistance with the Afghan government, people and security forces. The assistance of the NATO member countries taking part in the so-called war on terror for the past 15 years mainly focuses on the continuation and intensifying of struggle against terrorism, fighting with the poppy cultivation and drug trade, struggle against corruption, as well as help the enforcement of the good governance, launching big and small construction and reconstruction projects in the war-hit country.

Like in the past, Afghan government and people are optimistic for the new commitments and promises to help for putting an end at the war of attrition and establish a lasting peace and stability in their ruined home. Though our international allies had pledged many times in the past to help us in bringing peace, but the promises were less than witnessed in action and everyday Afghans are victimized by terrorism, which is nourished, trained and armed beyond the eastern and southern borders of Afghanistan.

People are not aware of the package president Ghani has gone with to Warsaw, but they know that helping Afghan security forces is not the basic solution. Afghans appreciate the international coalition for their long assistance of their security forces and other institutions, but they are sure that the problem would not be solved unless they [international coalition] put pressure on Pakistan to give up using terrorist groups against other countries.

The former president of Afghanistan had frequently called on the US-led international coalition not to chase terrorism in the villages of Afghanistan, look for this outside Afghan borders instead. The international community know this better that terrorism is imported to Afghanistan from other countries, especially Pakistan. They even have undeniable evidences against Islamabad (killing of Osama bin Laden, death of Mullah Omar and killing of Mullah Akhtar Mansour in the Pakistani soil).

The people hope that the Warsaw summit would have an actual decision about the problems of Afghanistan. We hope that the Afghan leaders have the ability to convince the NATO leaders to remove terrorism’s nests outside our borders so not only Afghan people, but the region and even the world are saved. Pakistani government and army authorities should be pressurized to either be along the global movement against terrorism or with terrorism.

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