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Editorial: Our businesswomen

The long agony for Afghan women ended with the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001—a darkness area in the history of our country. Since the overrun, conditions of Afghan women have changed dramatically, in which we have women employees from presidential palace to CEO office and all over government and none-government organizations. But it yet to be improved completely as still condition of women in the country is in need of urgent attention. But at the same time the government is making efforts to recover from the effects of utter desolation and destitution by improving its nation living-standard, in which improving the condition of women is a priority of the National Unity Government. For instance, establishing of Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries (AWCCI) that recently launched its work can be taken as a step toward improving women’s condition. While government authorities announced backing; the AWCCI was formally inaugurated during a special ceremony by First Lady Rula Ghani, women’s affairs minister, Delbar Nazari and a number of other officials, with asking people to utilize Afghan women’s products. It worth mentioning that more than 850 businesswomen were registered with the AWCCI amid at promoting women’s trade and resolve their problems. Indeed, many women have been engaged in different business, in which AWCCI could help them in those areas they are facing problems. Despite this is a great opportunity for Afghan businessmen, the AWCCI is considering a new season in development of commerce in the country. Viewing this, the government should not abandon AWCCI, and in spite that, we, the Afghan masses should also play our parts by buying products of our Afghan businesswomen aimed at promoting their business. Not only this, but we also proud of having tradeswomen. At the same time, the ministries of commerce and economy should further increase women’s role in businesses and entrepreneurship development in Afghanistan. Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries should also come up to the fore to help Afghan businesswomen. It is quite obvious that Afghanistan’s success will be measured by women’s progress. Now those days gone when Afghan women were fighting for their lives by using some unconventional tactics. However, there is no denying to the fact that we have a long way to go before we can catch up with the rest of the world, but the government has been working hard to improve women’s condition. Women would be more encouraged to engage in business and industrial activities, and the inauguration of the trade board is important for women’s leadership in their economic self-sufficiency. The government has to ensure further women’s participation in economic spheres and play close attention for development of women’s commerce.

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